[10/8/2020] Major Update Releases

We didn’t get the Insanity Rifle class yet, but we got a major balance patch. I’m personally not too keen of it, but hey it’s an attempt.


We hoped we’ll get back to normal since the last Amigo post, but because some fuckers going to clubs and some old Christian fuckers that are getting manipulated by the Conservatives in Korea (I added this part in. Not in the actual translation.), COVID 19 has been spreading again, and the XL has been continuing remote working from home. For October and the Winter updates, the developers are only going to the office when it is absolutely necessary, and is trying to do their best to meet deadlines, but they are facing issues. Yeah, the devs are just leaching off. Figures.

The dev team hopes that everyone would become more mindful of each other and work together to make it out through the hard times.

The Memory of the Carcass

The dev team tried to add in the Chronicle quest line, “The Memory of the Carcass” (Introduced back in September), on time, but social issues and working from home delayed the quest from getting added to last month’s update. This is finally added in this October’s update. We apologize to those who were waiting for this new content, and will return the favor with more new content and exciting stories soon.

Check the information about this Chronicles quest here.


Special Respawn Location

Whenever a neutral zone is in war, each faction spawns in different places. This has been always the case since launch, and was designed so, because respawn locations can affect PvP. Since content exists in so many zones, it is difficult to provide both factions with respawn locations equally. Fuck you. This shit is so easy to do if you actually play the fucking game XL.

For this reason, XL thought putting respawn locations in the correct location wouldn’t fix all the issue. As a result, XL thought making respawn locations to have each of their own purposes would be a good idea. Well the respawn location needs to be saved for at least 1 or 2 hours then.

This is the UI that lets you save a respawn location.
This is the UI you will see when you die. You get to either choose to spawn on your original Nui, or on your designated Nui.

This update lets faction heroes to set a designated respawn location for players in the same faction. The number of times players can set designated respawn location depends on how strong the faction is. Designated respawn locations last for 15 minutes, and each heroes have a cooldown of 30 minutes to set a designated respawn location. This shit is useless if it only lasts for 15 minutes monkeys. If you respawn from this designated respawn location, you will get a stronger buff so that you can start your battle more advantageously.

This update also displays each faction’s respawn location.

To learn more about how the special respawn locations work, check the image below.

How special respawn locations are used.

For now, this system will only be applied in Nuia and Haranya’s neutral continents. God damn it. This shit is useless if its not available in the ocean and Auroria. Since Auroria zones have the minimum number of respawn areas, the use of this feature is very limited. So XL, will add more respawn locations in the future and then make this feature available in the future.

Gear Balancing

1. Raid Boss Gear

This line of gear, that you can get from killing Raid bosses, is very powerful, but is very expensive and limited. This led to a question whether Raid boss gear were even worth going for.

XL received continuous feedback, but they were conservative with changes for the gear, because Raid boss gears can get free farmed in places where the factions weren’t balanced. However, the current gear system has Hiram gear and Dungeon gear buffed up a lot, and XL believes this will still give players a variety of options even if Raid boss gears are getting free farmed.

As a result, XL wants to strengthen Raid boss gear’s position as the best available gear to make it everyone’s ultimate goal. XL hopes this change will increase Raid boss content activities.


  • Black Dragon, Anquish Weapons and Garden Anthalon, Leviathan, Charybdis Weapons are stronger. (Weapons get more damage and Armors gets more physical and magical defense.)
  • Weapon active skills are greatly buffed, but the cooldown is increased from 45s -> 60s.
  • Anquish active skill requirement is now much easier.
New stats shown with arrows.

2. Erenor Gear

Unlike Hiram gear, Erenor gear had gotten new additions and changes pretty often. As a result, the line of gear has unnecessary synth effects and is missing some important synth effects. Basically the gear doesn’t suit with the current balance. To fix this issue, they are balancing Erenor gear. (Will not be adding another slot of synth effects.)


  • Some Erenor Gear (including accessories) will be getting additional synth effects. (Probably something like Erenor rings will now get magic def pen. This is just an example from me. I don’t know if this will be true.)
  • T3 Brilliant Erenor Gear’s Synth stats will now be identical to T5 Exalted Hiram Gear. (Except the main stats like Strength, Agility.)

3. 2 Hand Weapons

Because 2 hand weapons were not able to utilize a full weapon slot, XL passively balanced the 2 handers by making tweaks to Lunagems and Lunafrosts. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to improve the gear’s efficiency. Fuckers 2H wasn’t weak. Swiftblade was just OP. As this issue is also related to players choosing to use skill classes like Swiftblade and Malediction, it wasn’t easy for XL to make changes to 2 hand weapons.

XL though buffing 2 hand weapons was necessary for 2 hand players to utilize Battlerage or Sorcery’s full potential. (Since they can’t use Swiftblade or Malediction.) Buffing Battlerage or Sorcery indirectly buff Swiftblade and Malediction, so XL decided to just buff 2 hand weapons instead.


  • 2 Hand Weapon damage (including healing power) is increased from 1.2 -> 1.4 times a one hand weapon’s damage / healing power.
  • 2 Hand Weapon’s Synth effects are increased from 1.3 -> 1.8 times a one hand weapon’s synth effect. (Eg. if 1H’s def pen: 100, 2H’s def pen will be 180 instead of 130.)

Balancing Skill Classes

XL wanted to avoid balancing skill classes until they introduced the Insanity rifle class into the game, because these changes cause a huge impact in game play which can stress players. However, XL thought Swiftblade needed some changes, and they will be making some conservative balance changes.


  • Instinct‘s skill damage is decreased from 60% -> 50%. (Can still be stacked twice. Max possible skill damage increase is basically 120% -> 100%.)
  • Fleeting Footsteps now decreases Swiftblade skill mana cost by 60%.
  • Adrenaline Rush can only stack once per second. (Relentless Assault will not be able to add multiple stacks at once.)
  • Sinister Strike‘s Combo effect to increase Impale duration by 2 seconds can only be applied once.


  • Hit & Run (The new Deadeye) no longer gets immune from pull.


  • Crippling Mire: Gale duration is decreased from 8s -> 6s. Range decreased from 25m -> 15m.
    • Combo added that increases its range by 10m when under effect of Hit & Run or Steady Shooting.


  • Arc Lightning damage decreased by 7%. (Changed due to buff for 2 hand weapons.)


  • Purge‘s duration is decreased from 10s -> 5s.


  • Defiance now removes the effect and adds immunity to Distress and Provoke.


1. Distorted Steed

This is the 4th mount available in the Kyrios shop. This looks more aggressive than the other steeds. It had both version: the normal version and the Gallant version.

Distorted Steed
Gallant Distorted Steed

2. Garden 1 Server (KR’s first unchained server)

The unchained server finally gets all the content Legacy already had. They will now have access to the Garden instance and the Ipnysh Sanctuary dungeon. They will now have access to T5 Hiram and T3 Lib gear. Now this server will now be able to queue with the existing servers (They can now queue with the Legacy servers…?)

3. Housing Changes

Now players will not be able to put on plots if they have more than 1 unbuilt plot already down. This rule is still applied even if the plot is a community building like the Fellowship Plaza. XL is also planning to add changes to the Tax pre-pay system to prevent players from not paying Patron and still maintaining their buildings for a certain amount of time. (Updates will come during November or December.)


XL always wants to show up a bunch of new updates, but the past September’s and October’s updates were rather small in size due to COVID-19 and working from home. Though this is not what they anticipated, XL claims they will do their best during the remaining time to provide a stable service. Yeah sure, your servers always go down.

4 thoughts on “[10/8/2020] Major Update Releases

  1. Why am I playing duel weild if they are going to keep buff 2-h so fucking strong I can’t even compete. Swiftblade in NA is ajoke. Erenor armor is a joke, XL is dogshit at balancing


    1. Cuz you’ll be able to have fun playing DW for a year. Swiftblade is OP so have fun for a year and just make a 2H till then.


      1. hi, wanted to know if the house fairies are one for each building a character owns or one per character. Thanks and always really good job!


      2. Seems like house fairies are 1 per account. I heard it yields about 80% of gold instead of actually doing it yourself. So it’ll be amazing for alt factories to just use them and scale up with more alts.


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