[7/2/2020] Summer Update Pt.3


So… the Korean inven forum is kinda dead since Summer Update pt.2 unfortunately. XL is still bullish about their decisions and are not backing down from their messed up game changes. I’ve been kinda busy playing Civ 6 with my GF, hence the delay in this patch note’s translation.


  • New zone available in Auroria named “Magical Lands”
  • Mech chasing in-game event that gives access to attempt the new raid boss.
  • New Raid boss named “Illusion Blade Nehliya” that drops BD tier weapons.
  • Gold balance changes
  • New shitty UIs.

Magical Lands [마법의 땅]

During the Dark Age, Ipnysh erected a sealing stone to separate the Serpentis from the world and also created a miniature version of the world in the Magical Lands and spread the sealing stones throughout the region. Once Ipnysh finished preparing for the final fight, it lured the Serpentis into the Magical Lands and connected all the sealing stones, thus successfully banished the Serpentis away from the dimension. Crevices in the Magical Lands were made during the process.

The Magical Lands is a miniature of the entire world.

After some time, now became the era of princes. The wizard Iybnis (이브니스) started a magical school in this land due to the abundance of Mana and the artifacts Ipnysh left behind. However, the school was not safe from the end of Auroria. Now only the defense mechanoids are left in the area with the ruins of the school and Ipnysh’s seal.

The Magic school located in the Magical Lands.

Unfortunately, Raven and Serpentis’ followers found the seal stones and tampered them that caused cracks in the dimension, which made Serpentis’ aura to once again influence this world. The defense mechanoids meant to block Serpentis even malfunctioned due to Raven’s magic and Nehliya finally is about to show itself from the Gap between the dimensions.

Risopoda Chaser (Event to spawn new Raid boss)

Loreal was one of the guardians of Erenor that was specialized in handling Mechanical devices. The endless zerg of Serpentis’ forces during the war against the Serpentis was a huge problem for the outnumbered Ipnysh. The Ipnysh were individually very powerful, but fighting the huge forces of the Serpentis only kept hurt the Ipnysh.

As a result, Loreal created mechanoids to help him fight the combat. The first mechanoids were relatively simple in feature, but were highly effective. Loreal continuously improved the mechanoids and the Ipnysh organized a mechanoid army to fight against Serpentis.

The berserk mechanoid and the player that has to chase and stop it.

Raven was the one that found the old mechanoids. He studied the leftover marks of Serpentis left on the mechaniods. The seal in the world’s miniature was still intact and Raven planned to destroy it with these mechanoids. The berserk mechnaoids are functioning now so the adventurers must chase and stop them.

The faction that succeeds to complete this event gets to enter the Imprisonment where the Illusion Blade Nehliya appears. The rewards from the Mech chasing event can be received by any faction as long as the faction completed it. It is unsure if only one faction can enter the boss zone (meaning it is unsure if other factions can contest the boss try.)

Illusion Blade Nehliya

Serpentis tried to find ways to get back to the world for thousands of years. Finally Raven and Serpentis’ followers would help Serpentis from doing so by creating a crack in the Dimension small enough that only the Illusion Blade Nehliya would be able to fit in.

When Nehliya is spawning in the middle of the Magical Lands.

The world she encountered looked empty.
As if a rough plan, the lonely rocks, the wind breezing.
But she already knew all about it. The fact that this was all just a lie.
Once she spawned the mirror the Queen gave, the true looks of the world started to appear.
Hirnor’s living things shined like delicious fruits and the loyal worshipers felt it’s old master’s return.
The hibernating Ipnysh’s mechanoids sensed an irregular, but there was no one left worthy to lead them.

She did not rush.
She is carefully placing the mirrors within the miniature world and is trying to look into this world.
This beautiful world is the what the queen desires.

dayum full of liberal translations.

Nehliya went to the world to scout by the queen’s command. Due the dimension being separated by the Ipnysh, Nehliya has limited senses. But she is able to look at part of the world with the ‘Illusion showing Mirror’ she received from her queen. Since Nehliya’s body did not fully pass through this dimension, normal physical attacks cannot hurt her and psychic waves come out of the boundary of the dimension prevents anyone from getting closer. The mechanoids meant to stop her either got destroyed or went berserk by Raven, so the adventurers must prove their worthiness and then enter the imprisonment to defeat Nehliya.

Illusion Blade Nehliya

As already explained, only the faction that stops the mechanoid can enter the zone where Nehliya spawns. Without the proper requirement fulfilled adventurers would either get petrified or not deal any damage so, in order to kill the boss, players will need to swiftly stop the mechanoid.

From encountering Nehliya to defeating her, the adventure will not be easy. As hard as it is, the rewards will be great.

Rewards from Illusion Blade Nehliya.

I’ll translate the items in English later when I get the time.

It is considered that this weapon set is BD tier equivalent, but doesn’t require any awakening, which makes it easier to make than BD weapon.

GG for whoever is going for BD gear.

Gold Balance Changes

1. Adjusting the supply of Gold

One of the loots you can get by farming are coin purses. It’s an easy way to make money compared to trading, but the gold to labor ratio wasn’t too good. Another downside of it was that you have to spend a lot of coin purses to to make a sufficient amount of gold.

The new Archepass reward (that gives you RNG gold) and the mysterious Coinpurse.

This update improves the gold per labor ration for Coinpurses and adds a new special Coinpurse in loot tables to help adventurers that do not enjoy running trade packs make a sufficient amount of gold. This special Coinpurse is not only obtainable by looting mobs, but is also available in the Archepass quest rewards and from the Garden daily quest reward, adventurers can still make the minimum amount of gold without investing much time on farming.

  • Ancestral/Garden Coinpurses have improved gold per ratio.
  • Mysterious Coinpurses are only available during war time in Garden which has even better gold per ratio.
  • Mysterious Coinpurses are available as additional rewards in lvl 6+ Garden daily rewards.
  • Archepass quest rewards will give an RNG coinpurse like item. (100 labor for 10~100 gold) I think it’s shitty.

A lot of people will worry about an inflation due to the increase of Gold, but XL is going to carefully adjust the amount of gold you can get from trading. (This probably means a nerf.)

2. Adjusting trade run gold

This update makes it so that the game now calculates the amount of gold a trade run give to take into consider of the number of conflict/war zones one would have to pass through as well as whether the player actually passed through those conflict/war zones. As a result, long trade routes will give you more gold and trade routes that pass through conflict or war zones will give you more gold.

3. Gear Synthesis

Like mentioned in the last Amigo patch note, the overall gear synthesis cost is getting reduced. Also certain stages that extremely increases gear progression will get improved.

  • Synthesis now costs 15 labor per synthesis item (Originally was 20.)
  • Synthesis gold per exp is now cheaper. (Max reduction: Hiram 20%, Dungeon 19%, Raid boss 13%, Noryette 16%, Hereafter 21%.)
  • The number of infusion and scrolls obtainable from Eastern Hiram Mountains daily/weeklies are increased by 25~50%.
  • EHM Meadows daily now gives Garden infusions (instead of the rare grade infusion.)
  • Synthesis related Abyssal Library and Golden Shrine rewards are increased by 2~5 times.
  • Lunagem socketing prices are reduced by 10%.

Miscellaneous Improvements

1. Combat Buff UI

During combat, there are skills that comsumes charges of a buffs to improve its effectiveness. (For example, Malediction uses charges to improve blade fall.) These buffs are hard to notice right away, because they are shuffled in with other combat buffs.

New UI. They should’ve removed the 3 line buff limit instead.

This new UI separates those buffs so that they can be easily viewable. The UI can be dragged to where the user wants it to be in the screen.

2. Renewed HP Bar

When fighting against mobs with high HP, the feedback about the amount of damage you dealt to the boss is non-existent. Dude you need to give us a dps meter instead of this dog useless HP bar. This shit change actually makes it harder for players. Though this is a rather insignificant effect, XL wanted to show that players are actually dealing damage and that the mob is losing its HP.

The change no one asked for LOL

3. Raid Gold Payout changes

Instead of entirely removing the gold tax when sending gold payouts to saved raid frame lists, now the raid lead requires a certain amount of previous leadership or current leadership to not have to pay for the gold tax.


This patch includes some new interesting content as well as some balance patches.

XL says they are going to do their best to balance the economy. (I doubt they will.)