Dancer Update & Plans Forward


Hey, how are you guys doing?

Since this year, there’s been a lot of big changes in Archeage. Instead of monthly updates, XL announced that they would now be moving towards bigger quarterly updates, and smaller QoL & balance patches during the months without big updates.

You guys may have been used to monthly updates like ourselves, so it may have been a bit too relaxing during the times without the updates. The less frequent Amigo posts also may have been one of the reason why you guys may have felt left out, so XL plans to make more of those posts to talk about even the more trivial stuff.

There’s still some time left for the big Summer update, but XL felt the need to talk about the new content they’ve been preparing as well as the direction of future development. Here are the following.

New Class: Dancer

The “Dancer” class that all of you have been waiting for will be available during the Summer update.

The new class “Dancer” is a symbol of Naima, who was one of the 12 first adventurers. The skill class is based off of Healing Power. Naima was a dancer from the Misaac (미삭) tribe. We expect those who choose to play the Dancer class would show a lot of presence in the battle field.

Effects may change during development.

Dancer class skills require good understanding of placement and great split second decision making.

Community Content

1. Change on Guild Content

As you can see with the raid and RvR content Archeage provides, Archeage has a clear faction versus faction structure. Due to that nature, there’s a stronger bond between members of the faction. However, the game has been lacking content for guilds, hence the improvements on guild content.

First of all, guild activity and guild growth will branch out into multiple directions to provide guildmates different ways to progress. Now guildmate activity will now directly lead to the guild’s growth, and this system will help guildmates not have to get stressed out, and will be able to grow the guild via different daily and weekly quests.

The old prestige system will now change where prestige is now shared across the guild. As the system changes, so will the purpose of prestige. Previous prestige items for personal use (I assume items like cloak) will now be available in by merchants. This new prestige currency will now be used to only purchase items that are to be used for the guild. (I assume items like flares.) XL says they will provide a way to convert old prestige to a different currency.

After the Summer patch, XL plans to implement a Guild housing system pepega, as well as adding more guild content.
Seems like the Guild housing system will likely be some sort of instanced housing system. (Thanks to info from Kotori)

2. Cross-Everything Chat

Archeage runs things like the Garden instance, dungeons, arenas, and auction houses in a cross server instance. While a lot of content is in a cross server instance, XL felt like the game lacked ways for players from different servers to communicate with each other. lol garden instance trade chat

As a result, XL will be adding a cross faction/server (cross everything) chat. But XL will internally decide what the chatting requirements would be to prevent misuse of this chat. (Like spamming.)

XL hopes this cross server faction chat will help everyone for stuff like recruiting for instance dungeons and auction house trading.

Quality of Life Improvement

Like from what was mentioned during the February Amigo post, XL has been looking carefully at the suggestions the players have been submitting. Here are the following quality of life improvements XL aims to address.

Like the May update that increased the max stack number of some progression items (like infusions I assume) and the improvement regarding the efficiency of labor rechargers, this Summer introduces Folio Bookmarking, and extends Eye Customizing to all races (Previously only available for some races).

XL is looking into combat and economy suggestions, but will be more cautious with the changes by planning ahead since the changes will impact the game a lot.

Up to this point is about what will be available on the Summer update. Besides these there are some Summer updates that XL has not been able to talk about. A sneak peak: a new type of progression dungeon where you fight the bosses that have been available in the game. More about this will be available when XL talks more in depth about the June Dancer update.

By the way, the June update won’t be during early June; rather it will be during late June. So office workers will meet the update around their Summer vacation days, and students will be able to try them out during their vacation season.

Future Updates

After the Summer updates, not only a new field raid boss, but also changes for faction balance, vocation system improvement, and a new field zone are planned for release.

New customizable Farm Cart available for Potato content.

XL can’t really elaborate about the new zone besides that it will be a big grassland. This new zone will introduce some new field play, and will require a lot of prep work to get it done. As a result, XL will reveal more about this zone in the future.

Peace out!