[8/7/2020] Siege Weapons: The Evolution of Warfare


So the last two patches left Archeage with a lot of disappointed Korean players alongside with a ton of bugs in every aspect. Some bugs were sighted in the Golden Shrine dungeon as well as Sungold Anthalon. XL continuously justifies its 20% tax rate and is rolling out new changes.

In-game Economics

June and July contained several patches, but the part that affected the players the most was the balance in the economy. Since the economy is a core part of the game, it gets affected by a lot of variables. It’s also difficult to balance, because a various type of players exist.

However, for Archeage’s healthy development, XL promises that they will keep close eyes on the economy and act swiftly.

Some Stats

The total amount of gold that exists in the game. Above the x-axis means an overall gold gain, below the x-axis means an overall gold loss.

It’s a reach to compare real-life economy with in-game economy, but XL believes a certain amount of inflation should help the economy in general. Rather than preventing gold inflation from happening, the dev team is aiming to keep a good balance based on upcoming patches.

Apart from May’s “Enjoy PC cafe benefits at your home” event temporarily reducing the overall amount of gold, the overall amount of gold has rather been increasing in a fast pace. After July’s tax patch, the total amount of gold has been decreasing, but it has been recovering back to its normal rate.

New gear or growth mechanisms can be a solution to slow down gold increase, but the past 2 years of gear changes has been tiring players, so XL believes this is not a good solution. As a result, the dev team planned to change parts of the game that enables small amounts of players from concentrating large amounts of gold.

There are still more to look into, but XL believes their changes seem to help overall. Here are some of XL’s excuses.

June, July’s Categorical Gold Changes

To begin with, some categories are excluded from the graph such as gold gained from Castles or gold gained from quests, because those numbers were rather minuscule.

In fact, the 3 largest contributors of gold generation are trade runs, coin purses, quests (large to small in order) and the 3 largest contributors of gold consume are gear synth, auction house tax, and shop purchases (large to small in order). In May, trade runs and gear synth took 65% and 63% in their respective gold generation and gold consume. After July’s patch they got reduced to 55% and 53% respectively.

Especially the reducing the difficulty of gearing up helped ease players gearing up, but this leading more players to gear up increased the overall gold spending in gear progression and XL considers this a positive for the economy. Of course this also reduced gold generated by trade runs by 8%.

Below is the graph to visualize the change of gold spending per category during the following 3 months.

Since a lot the players were worried about coin purses affecting the inflation the dev team have also been keeping a close eye on the numbers, but the actual amount of gold generated by opening coin purses is rather less than the loss of gold generated by trade runs and the gold generated from coin purses tend to be spent towards gear progression more than other types of gold generations. As a result, XL doesn’t think there’s much to worry about yet.

Since the changes aren’t fully set stable in the game yet and more observation is required, XL says there’s some close investigation required to make sure if all problems are addressed.

Siege Weapons

The changes made in Castle siege in August adds a variety of siege weapons. Players have been able to modify their vehicles in many ways. On the other hand, castle sieges had limited types of weapons which caused strategies to be rather simple. This improvement by utilizing vehicle modifications in various applications is thought to improve castle sieges.

Changes in Castle Siege

  • Participants that have the Siege Weapon Vehicle ticket can spawn said vehicle and a tank the player owns.
  • If the player does not own a siege weapon that can be used, the player can just use the default provided weapon instead.
  • Added a range shock shot skill on the flamethrower. (Probably stuns?)

Mechanoid Worm Siege Unit

This is the Mechanoid Worm thing from the Magical Lands mechanoid chasing event.

The Magical Lands mechanoid chasing event now gives the Mechanoid Worm shown above. This giant mount has powerful siege damage and skills that are helpful in mass RvR. But instead of using its mana, it consumes its own health. Due to its strategic importance, it requires good care while using the mount.

This mechanoid worm mount and be obtained from the chasing event and can also be summoned during castle siege.

Mech worm using a skill.

Naval Arena Season 3

The naval arena is back for season 3. Like before this will last for a month and players will be able to enjoy a unique experience.

Changes on the Clipper

In Season 2, the game play heavily focused on obtaining the newly added bat mobile clipper so other parts of the game were rather neglected. XL thought that the bat mobile clipper made the arena too RNG based, so in season 3, the it will not be in the arena.

Now clippers gets upgraded with the boat’s exp.

The bat mobile clipper had some weaknesses, but it was able to simplify the arena’s complicated clipper progression. All players needed to do were to get chests and RNG spawn the bat mobile clipper. To keep the advantages of this boat progression method, XL will make the battle clippers improve by getting exp. Based on the amount of exp, it will gain certain types of improvements. This might over simplify the game play, so XL aims to buff the special abilities so that it would prevent the combat from becoming to dull.

Here you can see the boat gained exp and can choose a special ability.

Summary of the Changes:

  • Can gain exp by collective supplies.
  • Based on the grade of the supply, the amount of obtainable exp changes.
  • If the clipper’s level increases, 1 out of 3 stats gets improved.
  • If you obtain the rare supply chest, you can use one of the special abilities.
  • The special ability can be used again when the cooldown is over. (Probably will need to loot another rare supply chest.)
  • The higher the grade of the supply chest, the more special abilities available.
  • Reduced the amount of minimum required players to 20. (Easier to rig. Sigh)


If you loot the fortune chests that spawn randomly in the zone, you can get even more gold. Compared to last season, this season will have more rewards. Also, players will be able to obtain a timed bat mobile clipper as the navel arena.

Time Limited Bat Mobile Clipper

Ancestral Skills

This time 8 new Ancestral skills have been added. These new ancestral skills aim to counter powerful dps classes in small scale pvp situations. (KR players have been saying this is a anti melee counter change.) It requires an activation prior to being able to use the skill (Like Death Vengeance), so it’s utility will be different, but the skills have powerful damage, debuff reduction effects. Check the tool tips below for detailed explanations.

8 New Ancestral skills.

Future Plans

The following changes are what the dev team is preparing to release during from September to December. The big update Winter patch will be rolling out on December and January, but XL’s plan is to only reveal information from December’s patch as January’s patch note might be a spoiler. The following contents don’t have a set release date since it is still actively being developed.

Leave comments on the various communities we have and XL will take them in consider. Yeah sure…

New Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle Mod UI for Timber Coupe and Rampage Series

Like previously discussed, XL is prepping the following changes:

The Rampage series will now be able to have vehicle mods installed and the Timber Coupe series will now have an extra slot available for vehicle mods. Check the following image to guess what would be the Rampage’s real modification?

What would be the B200’s vehicle mod? Probably all of them?

Quality of Life Improvements

Here are the following QoL improvements the XL is planning to add.

  • Expanding the number of Skill savers.
  • Expanding the number of Skill slots.
  • Micro sized housing. (Maybe 8×8 sized houses?)
  • Will be able to change faction respawn locations. (Massive for Sungold PvP and such)

New Golden Plains Map

Golden Plains was a great content because it lets users enjoy massive RvR without requirements. Actually its just for 1k labor lets be real. But this content can be boring if it repeats too much. As a result, XL is aiming to add a new map with the same rules to let players play the Golden Plains instance in a different terrain.

New Aurorian Housing and Trade Runs

Archeage always had issues with the lack of housing. Because Housing is a base for most types of production, to have more players engaged in productions the game needs to have more housing. XL is planning to improve some areas so that they can become housing zones instead and are aiming to add trade runs in Auroria.

Micro housing will help players utilize House Fairies. XL believes these two changes will help lessen housing problems. XL also discussing how to reduce the initial housing rush issue.

New Skill Class “Insanity” and Guns

Like previous stream’s announcement, September will have more information available for the new class and weapon type which will be released at the end of the year. XL is working hard as the new class is highly anticipated by the users.

Again, the gun will be a replacement of the bow. Stop asking if it will be a stat stick of some sort . lol


There weren’t really any separate notifications for the recent unstable server, but XL is doing its best to improve the stability through weekly updates. The dev team is highly prioritizing lag and disconnect issues.

There’s a server merge that happened in Korea that merges 3 servers into one and they are starting a huge event for it.

Like previous events where you can gain labor, this even lets players get up to 10 labor chargers per day. Holy shit. However, this item has a time limit, so do your best to use all these before they expire.

[7/2/2020] Summer Update Pt.3


So… the Korean inven forum is kinda dead since Summer Update pt.2 unfortunately. XL is still bullish about their decisions and are not backing down from their messed up game changes. I’ve been kinda busy playing Civ 6 with my GF, hence the delay in this patch note’s translation.


  • New zone available in Auroria named “Magical Lands”
  • Mech chasing in-game event that gives access to attempt the new raid boss.
  • New Raid boss named “Illusion Balde Anquish” that drops BD tier weapons.
  • Gold balance changes
  • New shitty UIs.

Magical Lands [마법의 땅]

During the Dark Age, Ipnysh erected a sealing stone to separate the Serpentis from the world and also created a miniature version of the world in the Magical Lands and spread the sealing stones throughout the region. Once Ipnysh finished preparing for the final fight, it lured the Serpentis into the Magical Lands and connected all the sealing stones, thus successfully banished the Serpentis away from the dimension. Crevices in the Magical Lands were made during the process.

The Magical Lands is a miniature of the entire world.

After some time, now became the era of princes. The wizard Iybnis (이브니스) started a magical school in this land due to the abundance of Mana and the artifacts Ipnysh left behind. However, the school was not safe from the end of Auroria. Now only the defense mechanoids are left in the area with the ruins of the school and Ipnysh’s seal.

The Magic school located in the Magical Lands.

Unfortunately, Raven and Serpentis’ followers found the seal stones and tampered them that caused cracks in the dimension, which made Serpentis’ aura to once again influence this world. The defense mechanoids meant to block Serpentis even malfunctioned due to Raven’s magic and Anquish finally is about to show itself from the Gap between the dimensions.

Mech Chaser (Event to spawn new Raid boss)

Loreal was one of the guardians of Erenor that was specialized in handling Mechanical devices. The endless zerg of Serpentis’ forces during the war against the Serpentis was a huge problem for the outnumbered Ipnysh. The Ipnysh were individually very powerful, but fighting the huge forces of the Serpentis only kept hurt the Ipnysh.

As a result, Loreal created mechanoids to help him fight the combat. The first mechanoids were relatively simple in feature, but were highly effective. Loreal continuously improved the mechanoids and the Ipnysh organized a mechanoid army to fight against Serpentis.

The berserk mechanoid and the player that has to chase and stop it.

Raven was the one that found the old mechanoids. He studied the leftover marks of Serpentis left on the mechaniods. The seal in the world’s miniature was still intact and Raven planned to destroy it with these mechanoids. The berserk mechnaoids are functioning now so the adventurers must chase and stop them.

The faction that succeeds to complete this event gets to enter the Imprisonment where the Illusion Blade Anquish appears. The rewards from the Mech chasing event can be received by any faction as long as the faction completed it. It is unsure if only one faction can enter the boss zone (meaning it is unsure if other factions can contest the boss try.)

Illusion Blade Anquish

Serpentis tried to find ways to get back to the world for thousands of years. Finally Raven and Serpentis’ followers would help Serpentis from doing so by creating a crack in the Dimension small enough that only the Illusion Blade Anquish would be able to fit in.

When Anquish is spawning in the middle of the Magical Lands.

The world she encountered looked empty.
As if a rough plan, the lonely rocks, the wind breezing.
But she already knew all about it. The fact that this was all just a lie.
Once she spawned the mirror the Queen gave, the true looks of the world started to appear.
Hirnor’s living things shined like delicious fruits and the loyal worshipers felt it’s old master’s return.
The hibernating Ipnysh’s mechanoids sensed an irregular, but there was no one left worthy to lead them.

She did not rush.
She is carefully placing the mirrors within the miniature world and is trying to look into this world.
This beautiful world is the what the queen desires.

dayum full of liberal translations.

Anquish went to the world to scout by the queen’s command. Due the dimension being separated by the Ipnysh Anquish has limited senses., but she is able to look at part of the world with the ‘Illusion showing Mirror’ she received from her queen. Since Anquish’s body did not fully pass through this dimension, normal physical attacks cannot hurt her and psychic waves come out of the boundary of the dimension prevents anyone from getting closer. The mechanoids meant to stop her either got destroyed or went berserk by Raven, so the adventurers must prove their worthiness and then enter the imprisonment to defeat Anquish.

Illusion Blade Anquish

As already explained, only the faction that stops the mechanoid can enter the zone where Anquish spawns. Without the proper requirement fulfilled adventurers would either get petrified or not deal any damage so, in order to kill the boss, players will need to swiftly stop the mechanoid.

From encountering Anquish to defeating her, the adventure will not be easy. As hard as it is, the rewards will be great.

Rewards from Illusion Blade Anquish.

I’ll translate the items in English later when I get the time.

It is considered that this weapon set is BD tier equivalent, but doesn’t require any awakening, which makes it easier to make than BD weapon.

GG for whoever is going for BD gear.

Gold Balance Changes

1. Adjusting the supply of Gold

One of the loots you can get by farming are coin purses. It’s an easy way to make money compared to trading, but the gold to labor ratio wasn’t too good. Another downside of it was that you have to spend a lot of coin purses to to make a sufficient amount of gold.

The new Archepass reward (that gives you RNG gold) and the mysterious Coinpurse.

This update improves the gold per labor ration for Coinpurses and adds a new special Coinpurse in loot tables to help adventurers that do not enjoy running trade packs make a sufficient amount of gold. This special Coinpurse is not only obtainable by looting mobs, but is also available in the Archepass quest rewards and from the Garden daily quest reward, adventurers can still make the minimum amount of gold without investing much time on farming.

  • Ancestral/Garden Coinpurses have improved gold per ratio.
  • Mysterious Coinpurses are only available during war time in Garden which has even better gold per ratio.
  • Mysterious Coinpurses are available as additional rewards in lvl 6+ Garden daily rewards.
  • Archepass quest rewards will give an RNG coinpurse like item. (100 labor for 10~100 gold) I think it’s shitty.

A lot of people will worry about an inflation due to the increase of Gold, but XL is going to carefully adjust the amount of gold you can get from trading. (This probably means a nerf.)

2. Adjusting trade run gold

This update makes it so that the game now calculates the amount of gold a trade run give to take into consider of the number of conflict/war zones one would have to pass through as well as whether the player actually passed through those conflict/war zones. As a result, long trade routes will give you more gold and trade routes that pass through conflict or war zones will give you more gold.

3. Gear Synthesis

Like mentioned in the last Amigo patch note, the overall gear synthesis cost is getting reduced. Also certain stages that extremely increases gear progression will get improved.

  • Synthesis now costs 15 labor per synthesis item (Originally was 20.)
  • Synthesis gold per exp is now cheaper. (Max reduction: Hiram 20%, Dungeon 19%, Raid boss 13%, Noryette 16%, Hereafter 21%.)
  • The number of infusion and scrolls obtainable from Eastern Hiram Mountains daily/weeklies are increased by 25~50%.
  • EHM Meadows daily now gives Garden infusions (instead of the rare grade infusion.)
  • Synthesis related Abyssal Library and Golden Shrine rewards are increased by 2~5 times.
  • Lunagem socketing prices are reduced by 10%.

Miscellaneous Improvements

1. Combat Buff UI

During combat, there are skills that comsumes charges of a buffs to improve its effectiveness. (For example, Malediction uses charges to improve blade fall.) These buffs are hard to notice right away, because they are shuffled in with other combat buffs.

New UI. They should’ve removed the 3 line buff limit instead.

This new UI separates those buffs so that they can be easily viewable. The UI can be dragged to where the user wants it to be in the screen.

2. Renewed HP Bar

When fighting against mobs with high HP, the feedback about the amount of damage you dealt to the boss is non-existent. Dude you need to give us a dps meter instead of this dog useless HP bar. This shit change actually makes it harder for players. Though this is a rather insignificant effect, XL wanted to show that players are actually dealing damage and that the mob is losing its HP.

The change no one asked for LOL

3. Raid Gold Payout changes

Instead of entirely removing the gold tax when sending gold payouts to saved raid frame lists, now the raid lead requires a certain amount of previous leadership or current leadership to not have to pay for the gold tax.


This patch includes some new interesting content as well as some balance patches.

XL says they are going to do their best to balance the economy. (I doubt they will.)

[6/4/2020] Summer Update Pt.2


Like part 1, Summer update part 2 is also an incremental patch that doesn’t really give you much new content, but rather just gives you incremental changes to the game. Good news is KR is getting some long wanted features players have always been wanting.


  • Vehicle component modifications for Siege Tanks, Coupe/Roadster series, and the Strada.
  • House Fairies can now run automatic trade pack runs for you.
  • Ranking system for Garden daily scores. Top ranks get rewards.
  • Raid gold payout system. Might be tax exempt.
  • Better combat log
  • Can now use Nation chat/Guild chat even in the Garden instance.
  • Unlocking content for KR’s unchained server.

Vehicle Component Modifications

Archeage has a unique feature no other game really has which are physics engine based the boats and vehicles. This patch lets vehicles be able to swap and modify components of the vehicle like how one would do on a boat. These components each have different unique abilities.

For this update, only the Siege tank, T3 Coupe/Roadster, and Strada will get vehicle modifications, but during late summer, XL is planning to bring vehicle modifications for B200s, and Farm Freighters. Those will have different type of vehicle mods unlike the ones that are being introduced in this patch and further info will come in future Amigo posts.

Redwood Roadster Vehicle Mods
Strada Vehicle Mods
Siege Tank Mods

Customizable Component UI

There are variances between different types of vehicles, but vehicles will have the following categories as slots: Engine, the Frame, Wheel, and Reinforcement component, and vehicle specific component.

The Customizable Component UI for the 3 vehicles.

Normal Parts

Some of the components that are customizable are common for the three vehicles, thus can be equipped on all three of the vehicles. Think of it how the current ship component system is like. Some components like the propellants can only be equipped by specific boats, but things like sails can be equipped on any boat.

Like ship components, vehicle components will have a specific way to obtain and will be regradable to increase its stats.

The following explains what each vehicle component does:

  • Engine: Directly affects the vehicle’s mobility by increasing the vehicle’s acceleration.
  • Vehicle frame: Changes the material that covers the vehicle’s exterior and increases the max HP depending on its material, but can also slow the vehicle due to added weight.
  • Front/back wheels: Increases the vehicle’s movement speed, turning speed, and its grip.
  • Front/side/back reinforcement component: Protects the vehicle from external forces by increasing the vehicle’s physical and magical defense.

The following images are all Normal Parts that can be equipped on any vehicle.

The 3 types of wheels
The front protective component
The back protective component

Vehicle Specific Components

There are also components that can only be equipped by certain vehicles.

  • Siege Tank: Cannon barrel
  • Coupe/Roadster Series: Rapid-fire gun, Cover, Passenger protective pads
  • Strada: Shatigon’s sand cannon, Exclusive/Special cannon
Some of the vehicle specific components.

Extra Info

Like how ship components can only be replaced within range of an Ezi Light, vehicles can only change its components next to the Daru Cart managers. Along side with the vehicle mod change, the following changes are also happening:

  • Siege Tanks now have the physics system applied like other vehicles. This probably means that they can be pushed and flipped?
  • T3 Apex Squall and Comet Speedster is now a 4 wheel driver.

Finally in July, there will be a new car chasing content that requires using these modified vehicles in a the new area called the “Land of Magic” which is located west of Western Hiram Mountains. In August XL also aims to make these vehicles available even in siege.

Left side component is called the Black Dragon’s Howl.
Middle component is called the Leviathan’s Skin.
Right side component is called the Kraken’s Wound.
Vehicle Frames that will be available.
They increase the vehicle’s max HP, but adds weight to the vehicle.
Rapid Fire Gun on the left.
Swift Wheel on the right.

House Fairy Changes

Since House Fairies directly affect the in-game economy, XL took a conservative approach when adding features to the House Fairy system. They’ve gathered some data and decided the make the following changes.

Balance Changes:

  • The required EXP to level from 1 to 10 is now reduced.
  • Gains more EXP during every level.
  • Increased the max level of House Fairies. Originally max level was 20.
  • Appearance of House Fairies are now changeable.
Appearance Changing UI.

Since the fairy has more levels, it can learn new skills. House Fairies can now finally automatically run trade packs for you, but the amount of time it takes to run a pack run is not consistent. Luckily it always turns the trade pack with the highest value so it’s not a huge issue.

Some things to take note of:

  • House Fairy Trade pack runs can only be done once the fairy reaches a certain leve.
  • You need to lend the fairy a Farm cart scroll so that the fairy can use it.
  • It will then start running normal, specialty trade packs from that region.
  • The amount of packs that can be ran by the House Fairy depends on the level of the fairy and the number of packs the farm cart can hold.
  • If the House Fairy is doing something else and is ordered to run packs, it well require more fee (Probably means labor).
House Fairy Trade Pack UI

Guardians of the Garden Ranking System

Basically to promote players to reach higher ranks for their Garden dailies instead of just stopping at rank 6, XL added a ranking system for the amount of points players gained from the Garden scouting daily.

Ranking UI

This rank renews every Monday Midnight and players in the ranking can receive pretty hefty rewards. If a character reaches first place for the first time, it can also receive an achievement as well as a title.


First place receives 200x T4 Hiram scrolls, 50k honor, 20x honor increase while farming pots (craftable), and 2000 gold.

Quality of Life Improvements

Some times you might need to distribute payouts to your entire raid. This is obviously a pain in the arse, so XL finally added a way to send gold payouts. You can now save a list of pre-made Raid member lists to auto invite players to your raid.

UI where you can save the premade raid member lists.

These lists last for 14 days and you can save max 10 of these raid lists. From this UI, you can also distribute gold payouts to all the members.

Things to take note of:

  • You can only save raid lists that have more than 20 players.
  • If a mail is for a particular player is sent using the cheap ass method (that has the mail sending timer), only that player will get its mail after the timer and rest of the members will receive the mail right away.
  • Mail tax applies uniformly for everyone.

So the gold payout system will have the previously mentioned 20% tax system applied so you can notice the disgusting 40 gold tax for each player when sending out a 200 gold payout.

XL will look at the system usage and determine whether they feel the need to make this tax exempt though.

Honestly shit game amirite?

Combat Log Improvements

Basically the combat log was shit so the floating damage numbers weren’t getting displayed if the target had shields effects on itself.

The term “absorbed” in the combat log will now only show the amount of damage that has been negated by the shield.

The floating damage numbers will now show the raw damage output before any calculations happened and the combat log will show you the rest of the information you need.

You can now see the floating damage includes the absorbed damage.

Combat Effect Changes

Basically some terms in Archeage were very vague. Like wtf is Toughness and Resilience in regards to character stats?

Lots of these big and small name changes are specific to Korean so it’s not really worth mentioning all of them, so I’ll just write about some of them.

  • Replaced the terms “Increased & Reduced” to “+ and -“.
  • Resilience is now called Critical Resistance.
  • Toughness is now called PvP Damage Resistance.
  • Shield Defense Penetration stats are all removed and Shield Defense Penetration rate will be a flat 50% chance across the entire game.

Cross Server Instance Chatting Improvement

So basically in the Garden instance, only players from the main server that had the Garden instance hosted at that time period could’ve used guild chat and nation chat. This is some ass coding, but yeah KR players have been living that way for months.

Finally XL is changing it so that any players can enjoy using nation chat, family chat, and guild chat while they are in the Garden instance.

Yeah, uhh… We’re probably not getting this within the next year.

KR Unchained Server Content Unlock

KR’s Unchained server is finally getting Castle Sieges and Territory contents unlocked. When other content that are still locked in Garden will open is non announced yet and XL says they aren’t going to rush it.

So here it is, part 2 of the Summer update. It’s a god damn shame we won’t be able to chat properly in the Garden instance for the next couple months to a year in Garden when KR can literally do it.

But anyway, what do you expect from XL and Gamigo anyway?

[6/4/2020] Summer Update Pt.1


Well well well… I don’t think anyone will be pleased for the this patch, but here it is. It’s seriously making me want to quit the game honestly, but I do want to feel the golden ages of Archers that’s going on in KR. They’re not even op; they’re just usable now.

I know I’m late with the patch. I’ve been dumbfounded with the patch and forgot to translate them lol

Here’s an obligatory image for the patch note XL uploaded in their post. One of the main quest will be where you have to chase this umm… worm thing with a car to stop it from malfunctioning.

Seems to be an asset used in the upcoming new main quest.

Anyway, here we go.


  • June patch (Pt.2) includes vehicle modification patches and July (Pt.3) includes new main quests after the garden main quest.
  • Improving the Trading system. (AKA. Taxing players for no reason just to reduce the amount of gold in the game.)
  • New KR Unchained server and KR Legacy server merges.

Fucking up the Trading System

First of all, let me be clear that I’m very biased towards this change, but like literally everyone in the KR Archeage forum is mad about this patch.

No one knows how this will translate to NA/EU with Gamigo publishing our region and how the tax for the AH is already different in NA/EU compared to KR, but only time will tell (or I guess only Gamigo will tell).

So XL always wanted to increase the Auction House tax within the game. There were previous attempts trying to increase it, which ultimately got cancelled due to massive uproar. XL seems to be finally pushing it and ignoring player concerns. Moreover this tax will be getting applied to not only the Auction House, but also mails, personal trades, and building sales. Their excuse is that adding taxes to every single user trading mechanisms would umm… prevent/sway away people from buying gold… which is absolute bull shit, but that’s what XL is claiming anyway.

On April, there was a huge item exploit in which XL ended up not revealing the details about. Players reported that a Chinese gold seller sold at least 1 Million gold on Korea’s Unchained server for extremely cheap prices. This caught XL’s attention, hence a massive wave of ban of innocent players got banned.

After this incident, XL decided to push the following changes:

  • Now taxing 20% of the gold being traded in Auction house, Personal trade, Mail, and Building Sales on every server. (Legacy and Unchained. Unchained had slightly higher tax than Legacy and now both are now 20%.)
  • Increased the maximum amount of gold that can be trade with Personal Trade and Mail for every server. Previously had a 200k gold limit.
  • Archelife (KR Legacy’s version of Patron) benefits now get 25% discount from the existing tax for Auction house trades. (Lulu Pouches do not get this benefit. Lulu pouches are basically KR’s version of APEX.)
  • Removed Auction house 50% tax exemption from PC cafes.
  • Lulu Pouches now have a 10% tax when listing and will have a min/max limit price on how much you can list the item for.

So basically the first 2 dot points are already in effect for Korea’s Unchained server. As a big picture, overall the tax will get increased by about 5% instead of the 20% written above, because patron benefits include a 25% exemption.

TL;DR: There’s already 10% for AH tax. This patch increases tax to 20%, but the Patron players will be paying 15% for tax instead.

Other types of trades mentioned above don’t seem to benefit from Patron tax exempt, but I’ll double check this later.

Setting the min/max price is for XL to artificially control how much they want their gold to be worth with their credit and to prevent gold irregular transactions happening with basically APEX. Currently Lulu Pouches has a 1% tax like NA/EU’s APEX, but if they expect Lulu Pouches to be used as a currency (due to gold being taxed), they’ll start increasing the tax for Lulu Pouches as well.

XL claims the exact numbers are not finalized, but they already posted Part 2 of the Summer Update without further mentioning the trade system tax changes so…. yeah… probably will stay the same.

XL is also working on a Raid gold payout distribution feature, which has been explained in Part 2 of the patch. I’ll talk about it in the next post.

New KR Unchained Server and Legacy Merge

KR Unchained Server

In May 28th, KR is getting a new Unchained server. Unlike NA/EU that got multiple unchained servers at the start, KR only got one, so it kind of makes sense to open another server. Apparently KR’s Unchained server is continuously getting new players, which is good news.

Legacy Merge

KR’s servers: Damian, Eahnna, and Orchidna server has been losing activity, so XL is planning to merge the three servers this Summer. Further details will come soon. Wait where’s Nui server’s merge?

Anyway this was some grim news. But yall take care from the Coroner.

[5/7/2020] Meina’s Distorted Desire


The long awaited Amigo post after the LAN Amigo has finally come.
Not all the changes they mentioned during the LAN Amigo are in this post. Actually some were slightly changed as well.

Here’s a Summary of the changes the post will discuss about:


  • Meina, Glenn, Jola has a chance of respawning as a stronger version of itself.
  • Skills changed for Archery, Sorcery, Malediction, Battlerage, and Swiftblade.
  • Percentage stats – like Evasion – that is gained by player’s base stats have been slightly changed.
  • Language Proficiency has been increased to 20k. (No longer will have symbols.)
  • 3rd season of Mistsong Banquet is out.

Stronger Meina, Glenn, and Jola

These three bosses are familiar names for the players. They used to be formidable bosses against the players, but now the players have become too strong and these bosses don’t really challenge the players anymore. Now these bosses have a chance of respawning upon death as a stronger version of itself and drops better loot so behold!

Meina and Glenn

The new Meina and Glenn

Unfortunately they don’t really mention the new patterns it might have so it is up to the KR players to figure out what they do.


The new Jola

Like Meina and Glenn, there only talked about the lore of these new bosses. So there’s not much to mention about. If you want to know the lore, let me know and I’ll translate them as well.

Skill Balance Changes:


The changes are roughly what they mentioned how Archery would shape into during the LAN Amigo.

The intention the Archery changes are the following:

  • Focusing on changing the fighting style by making it more movement oriented with some CC skills.
  • Improving ways to counter situations when the opponents are untargettable and improved methods of chasing the opponent.
  • Adding more skill combos and expanding Archery to become usable by itself.
Concussive Arrow (Includes Ancestral Skills)Combo: 17% increased damage against snared targets.
Double Recurve(All Ancestrals) While in effect, Concussive Arrow becomes instantly castable.
(Life) 3% Crit Rate increase for 3 seconds.
Snipe(All Ancestrals) Combo: When hit, stuns flying targets for 5 seconds.
(All Ancestrals) Combo: 21% increased damage against snared targets.
(Lightning) Changed so that it can be used during casting. (Like how flame concussive arrow works.)
Missile Rain(Basic) Changed to a 5 charge skill that can be used on targeted location.
(Mist) Can be used without targeting an enemy.
DeadeyeName changed to Hit & Run (Liberal Translation).
While moving, player receives the def pen buff. When stationary for 1 second, the buff is removed.
No longer gains range increase buff
Steady ShootingCannot shoot targets closer than 4m.
No longer walks while skill is on. (Players still have 0% parry, block, and evasion.)
They really want archers to use Hunter’s Guile and Snare lol I don’t think its usable though.
You don’t really need this, cuz I translated it above.

Possible new combo: Hit & Run, Steady Shooting, Stealth (10 stack), 30m Snare, Stalker’s Mark, Double Recurve, Concussive Arrow, 3x Blazing Arrow, Charged Bolt.

Sorcery and Malediction

Malediction was always in the discussion of skill balance, because it had great damage and also was able to adapt on many sticky situations. As the developers are aiming to separate Sorcery and Malediction, they can’t just simply nerf Malediction as well. This patch won’t solve all the problems, but XL is trying to form an environment where both skill-sets can be used separately by removing the synergy between the two skill-sets.

Soulbound EdgeRemoved Combo effect that gains increased damage with Malicious Binding.
Prioritizes targets within 20m that are hit by Crashing Waves.
Ring ThrowReduced skill range to 5m (from 10m).
Cannot be used on targets that are behind you.
Flamebolt (Flame)Casting time changed to 1s (from 1.5s).
Reduced damage based on the casting time change. (Roughly 33% reduced per hit.)
Arc Lightning46% increased damage against targets that are affected by Burning, Freezing, and Electrical Shock.
Removed existing 70% Crit Skill damage increase.
Mana FountainRemoved Attack Speed increase effect.
Decreases Cast Time 25% (from 15%).
When equipped with 2H weapon, reduces Global Cool Down (GCD) for Sorcery skills by 10%.
So many changes!
Again, you don’t need this, but more images look great so there’s that.

Battlerage and Swiftblade

Luckily the synergy between Battlerage and Swiftblade isn’t as great as Sorcery and Malediction due to Swiftblade utilizing the Left hand weapon. At this moment, it it not strong enough as a DPS skill-set itself, so users currently incorporate it with Battlerage. In the future, the Dual Wield Swiftblade users will be able to rely less on Battlerage.

Battlerage Trip effectsWhen equipped 2H weapon, trip increased to 3.5s (from 3s).
When equipped 1H weapon or Dual Wield, trip reduced to 2.5s (from 3s).
Blink (Includes Ancestral Skills)Can use the skill during GCD while in effect of Fleeting Footsteps.
(Fleeting Footsteps buff doesn’t remove while using Blink during Combo effect)
Battlerage = 2 Hand, Swiftblade = Dual Wield.
Again, you don’t really need to see this.

Miscellaneous Skill-sets

Skill Changes
Backdrop: WaveRemoved Concussive Arrow instant cast.
EnervateWhile on effect, target cannot receive buffs from songs.
Critical Discord (Includes Ancestral Skills)While under effect of Discord, target cannot use Shield related skills.
Pain HarvestImmune to Bleeding while caster is under effect.
MettleBear’s Vigor gains 5% of received damage as Mettle (from 10%).
Boastful Roar deals damage equal to 100% of your stacked Mettle (from 60%).
Mocking Howl increased threat level by 500% of your stacked Mettle (from 100%).
Shield Slam: GaleCool Down reduced to 2s (from 4s).
Removed effect that cancels target’s skill cast.

Percentage Stats

Like mentioned in the LAN Amigo, the devs can no longer increase percentage stats that are gained by base stats as they are reaching its limits. As a result, they are changing the linear increase of these percentage stats into more of a logarithmic one so that as the base stats increases, the efficiency of the percentage stats will slowly decrease.

One thing to note that having 1000 Strength and 1000 Agility gives the same amount of Focus compared to having 2000 Strength. Same applies to Cast Time as well.

XL decided not to completely remove Parry from Strength and Evasion from Agility, because it would affect class synergies. On the other hand, Evasion was completely removed in Intelligence. To compensate this, Intelligence and Spirit gained more Cast Time than XL previously planned for.

As for compensating for the reduction of Crit Rate across every stats, XL increased the Max Critical Damage cap from 300% to 350%. This affects Archers the most, because the change lets Archers use Steady Shooting without wasting the Crit Damage increase effect from it. Also affects Dual Wield Swiftblade players as well.

The table does not show stat changes for Block Rate as well as some other percentage stats, but they have been applied the same treatment.

When Stamina < 2000, Block Rate after the patch will be higher than before.
When Stamina > 2000, Block Rate after the patch will be lower than before.

Armor Type Changes

Cloth type is shit and everyone knows that. XL decided to buff Cloth as a result and also decided to slightly buff Plate as well. Plate really didn’t deserve a buff in my opinion.

7 Set Cloth Effect

  • Removed Shackle Reduction.
  • Silence duration reduced to 30% (from 20%).

7 Set Plate Effect

  • Shackle duration reduced to 30% (from 20%).

Attack Speed Changes

Until this patch, while casting Magic skills and Healing skills with scepters, staves, clubs, and greatclubs Global Cool Downs (GCD) were not applying the weapon’s attack speed. This resulted on having a constant GCD regardless of the type of weapon you are equipped with. In this patch, XL now applies attack speeds from scepters and staves to reduce GCD. (Clubs are not implemented yet and will come in the June patch.)

Here are some attack speed changes for each weapon type:

  • Scepter: 1.2s -> 1.0s (No changes in atk speed or skill dmg, because old atk speed wasn’t applied before.)
  • Staff: 1.3s (Attack speed 30% reduced. Skill damage 30% increased.)
  • Shield: 2s -> 1s (Shield skills now use shield’s attack speed instead of right hand weapon’s attack speed)

To clarify,
these changes don’t affect Cast Times of skills. The decrease of attack speed by using a staff basically increases the GCD when using Magic skills.

The equation for skill animation speed & skill damage are the following:

  • Skill Animation Speed = Base Skill Animation Speed / Weapon Attack Speed
  • Skill Damage = Base Skill Damage * Weapon Attack Speed

In regards of Shield skills, in previous builds, Shield Skills skills used the Right hand Weapon’s attack speed when calculating attack speed. As a result, users could have different GCDs when using shield skills even with the same shield.

Side Note for some abandoned changes

These are some explanation about the changes discussed during the LAN Amigo that was ultimately abandoned/postponed.

Shield Block during GCD

During the LAN Amigo, XL mentioned that they were thinking about removing shield blocks while the player is in GCD. This was aimed to nerf DPS classes that equipped a shield. This change was abandoned, because it was also going to hurt tanks and healers which XL did not intent. As a result, XL will be looking for better implementations.

Sonic Wave breaking Imprison

A lot of the players showed concerns about Sonic Wave breaking Imprison. XL thought of this change, because there were not enough skills to counter Defense and XL didn’t want the tempo of the fights to slow down by more and more players picking Defense. However Imprison is a key skill used by Tank players while Sonic Wave is used by many DPS players. This change was thought to just immobilize Defense players, because there are much more players equipped with Sonic Wave than Tanks equipped with Imprison.

Mistsong Banquet Season 3

Like Season 1, Season 2 was a big hit and XL decided to make season 3 of the Mistsong Banquet.

Change Summary:

  • After round 16, a Treasure Mole appears which needs to be killed in a limited time.
  • Round 21 is added that spawns mobs (max # of mobs: 50) from round 20 with short intervals.
  • Laser Cannons damage and range are increased and Thunder Cannon’s attack speed is slightly reduced.

Round 16 is a break round where you won’t lose even if you weren’t able to kill all the Treasure Moles. But these moles give you a lot of Crystals and is key for succeeding round 21. Round 21 will spawn a ton of Guardians, so it is important to kill as many as you can while maintaining your middle tower’s HP up to round 20.

New Mistsong Banquet Season 3

Thunder Cannon and Flame Cannon was superior to the Laser Cannon so the Laser Cannon got buffed while the Thunder Cannon’s efficiency got reduced by roughly 3%.

Language Proficiency Expansion

XL fucked up with the language proficiency way back then and is finally fixing them. Even with 10k max proficiency players would still have symbols in their chat. Players’ configured language was also getting reset upon exiting instances.

Advanced Language Proficiency Book. We don’t know the required mats yet.


  • Expanded the max language proficiency to 20k which entirely removes symbols from your chat.
  • Configured Language is never reset until user changes it.
  • Current speaking language can be checked from the a UI.
Location of where you can increase your language proficiency

Don’t worry. Your existing language tutors can also teach you up to 20k proficiency so you don’t have to go to those locations.

The Dwarf tutor that teaches the Nuia language.

Weapon & Armor Type Change Scrolls

The armor type change scrolls available in Unchained can only be used for Hiram gears below T5. This new scroll allows players with T5 Hiram or T3 Library to change their armor type.

XL also released Weapon Type Change Scrolls as well which lets player change Hiram and Library weapon types. These scrolls are RNG and are sold in the Credit Shop. Wait what? lol

Left scroll is for T5 Hiram and T3 Lib armor. Middle scroll is for T5 Hiram and Lib weapon. Right scroll is for T3, T4 Hiram and T1, T2 Lib weapon.

Even with these Weapon Type Change scrolls, you cannot change a 1 Hand weapon into a Right hand Weapon, change 2 Hand weapon into a 1 Hand weapon, etc. Basically Bows can’t change itself to anything else until XL releases the new upcoming Rifle.

UI for Weapon Type Changing Scroll.

Lunagem Type Changing

Lunagems were a pain to change, because you would have to unsocket them, transmute them, and then socket them again. XL is adding a Lunagem Tranmuting stone in the Credit Shop that uses 200 labor to change a single Lunagem. lol free money for XL YAY

Example only shows craftable Lunagems, but you can also change Honor Lunagems as well.

Luckily for the Koreans, XL will be giving a certain amount of these gems for free, because of the Skill Balance changes like how they did with the Armor Type Scrolls with the Armor Type balance changes back then.

Don’t worry and trust Gamigo. You know deep down in your heart that they won’t gives those scrolls to us for free.


XL is gracious enough to give their KR players free Lunagem transmuting stones and free Stat Migration items, because of the changes from this patch. I doubt Gamigo would ever give those to us, but I guess we never really know.

I suspect that, in the future, XL will nerf the Sky Emperor Glider. A bunch of whiners are requesting XL to nerf it in the KR Archeage Forum. I hope they don’t…