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Translated Monthly Amigo Patch Notes

[7/2/2020] Summer Update Pt.3

Introduction So… the Korean inven forum is kinda dead since Summer Update pt.2 unfortunately. XL is still bullish about their decisions and are not backing down from their messed up game changes. I’ve been kinda busy playing Civ 6 with my GF, hence the delay in this patch note’s translation. Summary New zone available in […]

[6/4/2020] Summer Update Pt.2

Introduction Like part 1, Summer update part 2 is also an incremental patch that doesn’t really give you much new content, but rather just gives you incremental changes to the game. Good news is KR is getting some long wanted features players have always been wanting. Summary Vehicle component modifications for Siege Tanks, Coupe/Roadster series, […]

[6/4/2020] Summer Update Pt.1

Introduction Well well well… I don’t think anyone will be pleased for the this patch, but here it is. It’s seriously making me want to quit the game honestly, but I do want to feel the golden ages of Archers that’s going on in KR. They’re not even op; they’re just usable now. I know […]


Cost of Erenor Infusions (Territory Coins)

So on April 2nd 2020, XL released the Hidden Story patch that briefly mentioned about NPCs being able to sell Erenor Infusions in exchange of Territory Coins. Yes, I know you can craft Erenor Infusions using Territory Coins and other mats, but this new addition only required Territory Coins. People thought this might be a […]

Equipment Subtype Levels

Previously known as Gear Specialization Levels So… I’ve done snippets of translations regarding the Garden update which includes the new Gear Specialization feature, but this is some details explanation with numbers involved 😃 I’ve been calling this Gear Specialization Levels before, but umm Gamigo decided to call it Equipment Subtype Levels so I’ll call it […]