[11/5/2020] Golden Plains Brawl

Yet another patch without the Insanity class update. Oh well LOOOOL


With your warm cheers the dev team finally started working in the office since October 12th. Korea seems to be getting stable regarding COVID, but regions like NA/EU are still fucked and COVID have been re-spreading and XL is worried. Especially with the cold weather and the high temperature swings, it is very important to take care of your health.

Today we are introducing the November major updates, and give a sneak peek of some of the things in the Winter Updates we are aiming to release during December and January.

Golden Plains Brawl

This month, a new season of Arena has been added. If the Navel Arena was a survival game with Clippers, the Golden Plains Brawls takes place in the already familiar Golden Plains map and is this season’s Arena. Like the Naval Arena, this arena will also last until the one last survivor remains, and the objective is to defeat other participants and survive as long as possible.

The arena is Free for All with a max 50 player limit. Players will be able to enjoy the arena for about a month until the December update rolls out.

Brawl Entry UI

Many of the rules are taken from the Navel arena, so the overall flow will be similar to the Naval arena. After the initial preparation time, players can either farm chests are defeat other participants to gain a variety of combat effects and useful items. Also, as time passes, the zone the players can be in will get smaller.

Treasure chests spread across the Golden Plains

Lastly, to maintain a constant brawl in the instance, players will gain a penalty if they do not commit to combat when they are close to other players. Once they get enough penalty, the player will lose the necessary abilities to survive in the arena, so be careful.

The last survivor gets a hidden achievement and tag, so please enjoy the arena.

Mistsong Banquet Season 4

The long awaited Mistsong Banquet is finally back. There were feedback that last season was a bit too difficult and, in fact, there weren’t that many players that completed the last round.

As a result, the mid rounds will become slightly more easier while the last round’s difficulty will get harder. Besides that, a new type of cannon will be available that can only be installed close to the statue, so that experienced players can aid other lanes by placing cannons there too.

New Cannon: Reinforced Cannon

This season’s Mistsong Banquet is a shared instance where players from all servers can play together (I assume Legacy and Unchained players can queue together.)


  • Added Reinforced Cannons that can only be installed close to the statue.
  • Mobs that spawn starting round 13 have slightly less HP and movement speed.
  • After the mid round, mobs that don’t get affected by flame cannons can appear.
  • Mobs in round 21 will spawn quicker over time.


1. Wandering Scrap Trader

After last time’s trade pack changes, it seemed like a lot of the so called “throwaway packs” have reduced, but some zones still have a lot of them. These packs are the packs that are just left on the ground after players make them for their dailies. XL thinks selling these packs and getting some pocket money is part of the game and can be enjoyable.

Left over throwaway packs on the field.

But if there’s too many left over packs on the ground, it annoys players and ruins the beautiful landscape.

Wandering Scrap Trader

This patch adds a scrap trader, whose goal is to protect the environment. Players can purchase a clean-up bag on the General Merchant to collect these throwaway packs and sell these bags to the Scrap Trader.

The clean-up bags purchasable from the General Merchants.

But since the Scrap Trader is also a trader that needs to make profit (…) they won’t give you more gold than you would get by actually selling the packs yourself. This can reduce a lot of the manual labor and time, so consider spending some of your extra time to protect the environment.

2. Balancing Ship Components

Ship components have always been used a lot, but hasn’t been balanced due to balancing other things. This update focuses on buffing lesser used ship components, so that they can be comparable to those that are more used commonly.

High-Speed Siege Cannon & Naval Cannon
Lutesong Mainsail and Foresail & Eznan Mainsail and Foresail are changed.


  • Turtleship’s max occupancy is increased from 20 -> 30. Mode changing cool down is reduced from 30s -> 20s.
  • Turtleships’s thorn damage from the roof is calculated differently from fixed damage -> percent damage based on HP (I assume current HP?)
  • Buffed Naval Cannon and High-Speed Siege Cannon’s AOE range from 4m -> 6m. (Depending on the damage increase shooting cool down can change.)
  • Eznan Sails effect buffed by adding an extra effect where the boat’s movement speed is increased by 30% and receives 3.5% less siege damage for 30 seconds when under combat.
  • Lutesong Sail’s turning speed (uhh this is actually untouched.), acceleration, reverse speed is increased (And more…).
    • Example: Eternal Lutesong Zephyr Square Foresail Stats:
      Max movement speed: 80% -> 90%
      Reverse speed: 80% -> 120%
      Turning speed: -30% -> -30%
      Acceleration: 0% -> 10%

3. Surveys

Not only from in-game support, XL listens to their players from Amigo comments and many other community sites. Yeah sure, you should do a better job then. A Big job per say. This requires a certain amount of engagement from XL, so there are limits and is difficult for XL to listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

As a result, the dev team uses in-game statistics to check game play, but this also isn’t a solution for everything. XL is adding in-game surveys to more accurately learn about player’s thoughts and ideas. I doubt we’re ever gonna get this feature LOL They’re shit at English xD

Survey Button
Survey UI

Surveys can only be done once per account, and players that participate in the survey can get a reward. For accurate statistics, XL will filter out alts from answering the surveys. Uhh… good luck with that.


This is it for November’s update, and here’s some info about the upcoming Winter Update.

First of all, like mentioned in the Chronicle quests the Insanity class scheduled to be released in December is based on Morpheus, and uses Shotguns made with Dwarf technology. It’s a range class where each shots feel great. Most of the skills in Archery and Insanity can be used interchangeably regardless of whether you use a bow or a shotgun, but like Swiftblade, some skills will have different effects depending on the type of weapon you are using.

Insanity class selection screen.
XL Loli confirmed

To end, XL is working on a new zone that is related to Ipnysh and Serpentis. We think some players will already know which zone it will be. Here are 2 concept images of the mysterious structures that will be in the zone. This zone is planned to be added in the January patch.

Dimension Laboratory Exterior
Dimension Laboratory Interior

There’s still some time till the Winter updates, so please enjoy our November updates till then.