[2021 Spring Update] The Awakening Shadow


Hi we’re greeting you guys with the first Amigo post of 2021. We were worried about the different atmosphere during the holidays, but we believe this won’t last long and hope all of you stay safe and healthy.

This Amigo post contains information of the Spring update that will occur during March and April. Most of these changes will land during then, but some contents like The Garuda Habitats and the Resource Purification might come around April and May depending on the development speed, so please keep noted.

Field Content Renewal

In 2021, we are renewing some of the old, but active content. First of all, we are adding a new phase in Crimson Rifts and Grimghast Rifts to add some new experiences with better rewards.

Despite the Garden Anthalon has disappeared (assuming they’re talking about the quest line, since there were no changes with Garden Anthalon), there are still demons left in the Garden. Demons, which can only show themselves when they have a medium to go into, seeked to find a new medium, and the bloody army that lost they commanders volunteered to become the demon’s new medium. With their new medium, the demons finally reappeared to the Earth.

Crimson Rift

Once the existing phases are over, an unknown hereafter grasp spawns from the ground. When these are destroyed in time, the demons will start to spawn and the difficulty will raise up much harder.

The new demon army that spawns after defeating the phases of CR.

Grimghast Rift

Like CR, once the original phases are over and the hereafter grips are destroyed, two unknown portals will spawn.

The two portals that spawn after defeating GR.

Each of these portals leads to a different place, and you will meet new different mobs. To defeat these mob of demon, you will need to utilize the GR cannons efficiently.

The ghost demons that will appear from the portals.

Reward Renewal

There will be an addition of rewards such as more honor points. Not only that, when defeating the new mobs, a new white lunagem may drop from them. These gems increase a specific skill tree’s skill damage or healing skill by 1%. These gems can only be equipped on a head piece, so I doubt it’ll be useful in anyway unless it can be upgraded. (No mention of it being able to get upgraded.)

Eg. Battlerage skill damage 1% increase.


Garuda Habitat

Golden Plains Battle will now be renamed as Faction Honor Battle. The Faction Honor Battle will now randomly choose a map between the newly added Garuda Habitat and the existing Halcyona map. Unlike the existing map, the Garuda Habitat has much more chokes, so how battles pan out will change significantly.

The new map, the Garuda Habitat.

The Garuda Habitat we aim to add on April has a short distance between faction bases, but has many different routes. Also due to the environment, players will have limited vision (cuz of all the mountains and trees.) These features will make strategic maneuvers more important ever than before rather than where you would line fight in Halcyona. It will be important to have scouts to see where your enemies are located. Uhh just fucking put an alt on the opposite faction, dummy.

We hope you will enjoy this new map.

Sea of Drowned Love

This 10 man dungeons now becomes a 5 man dungeon. It will require at least 3 players to pop, and things like the timers will be rebalanced accordingly.

The UI to join the dungeon.

Greater Dungeons

Greater Dungeons have been enjoyed by players early on, but now they’re mostly just ran solo to farm materials. As a result, not many people have been using it, but still had consistent use.

This update lets players access the dungeons more conveniently by making them an instance dungeon. This means it will become cross dungeon, but players who want to solo farm can still enter the dungeons by themselves via the UI.

Greater Dungeon UI

Castle Content: Auroria Resource Purification

XL added a new castle content where you would purify resources. The faction that owns the castle and activate the content (I assume like how the mining content works). They could then purify resources via the spawned miners. When the purification is over, the castle income will go up. The longer you purify, the more income the castle will gain, but it also means the packs you can get by destroying these miners will worth more.

The miner used to purify resources

Enemy factions can destory this miner and get a pack which can be individually sold to the Relic merchant, but they can also bring to their faction owned castle to increase that castle’s income. Not sure who’d ever do that honestly.

The amount of gold per pack may change when the patch lands.

The buff says each miner will increase the castle’s income by 600 gold when it is fully purifies.

This content is planned to be introduced in the April update, so keep noted.

Ancestral Skills

The newly added Ancestral skills are for the Gunslinger skill tree, and makes the complicated skill more simple when chosen the correct ancestral skill for the right situation. Also, some ancestral skills will add additional damage.

Non-ancestral basic skills also went through some changes since the release of the skill class. You’ll notice that my original translations are different compared to the current Gunslinger skill class descriptions.

Quality of Life

Credit Shop Improvement

We tried improving the usability of the credit shop when we were adding the improved search feature, but didn’t make it on time. This change will improve the overall layout and should make things a lot more straight forward.

New Credit shop UI

Not only that, you can order items with different filters to find things you want to buy more easily.

Categorized here.
  • Price descending
  • Price ascending
  • Discounted items
  • New items
  • Event items
  • Hot items
  • Items with a bonus
  • Monthly items
  • Items regarding Patron.

Improvements with Chatting.

It may seem trivial, but you may have noticed some inconvenience regarding the chat UI where you weren’t able to scroll up or down with your mouse wheel, etc. Now you can do so, as well as right clicking to select the word, and more conveniences are here to come.

Improvements with Auction Information

Sometimes you may get confused with the price noted in the Auction house, and might have ended up buying items that were more expensive than the average item price. To reduce this issue and the reduce market manipulation, we are adding more information into the UI that helps you check the price information before you make a purchase.

New Purchase UI

Map Transparency

Some times it was difficult for players to drive and check the map at the same time. Now XL added a feature where you can apply a 40% transparency to the map, so that you can easily navigate while checking the map at the same time. (Like Diablo 2.)

When Transparency is applied.

Improvements with Stat Migration

Now you will able to do the following with Stat Migration

  • Even when you maxed out with Stat migration, you can reduce the stats you’ve increased with Stat Migration.
    • For example, you have a Stamina Migration as a Melee DPS and you accidentally increased some Agility instead of Stamina. Now you don’t have to reset your stats. Instead you can just decrease the Agility to gain Stamina.
  • Doesn’t work when the increased stat is larger than the stat you are trying to decrease. (Doesn’t apply to NA/EU, because KR’s Stat Migration is a bit different.)
  • Cannot be used to change a stat you didn’t already change via stat migration.
You can notice that you can still stat migrate even when you hit 300/300.


This is all we have the the Spring update. As announced earlier some content can end up in the April and May updates. Also depending on how the servers are like, we might add some balance changes during April and May. We’ll also be adding events and seasonal arenas during then, so hope this excites you guys.

The dev team is working hard for the upcoming Summer update. XL can’t release much of the details yet, but they aim to improve the Guild system as well as adding some new content that can be done as a guild. Besides that, they are gonna do more field content renewals and will be adding a new dungeon.