[3/5/2020] The Ipnysh Sanctuary

Formally known as the “Erenor Golden Shrine”.


Despite Kakao Games buying out XL, XL told us that they will still get to keep their right of management to do whatever they want with Archeage. As a result KR Archeage will still be getting monthly updates & live services.

KR Archeage is getting a new dungeon (and a PC cafe exclusive chill dungeon) as well as new Dungeon gears called (Shabbat Weapon/Armor) [안식의 무기/방어구] that can be considered as T3 Library gear.

Plus, KR Archeage is getting House Fairies that alleviates the pain of having to constantly farm & potato.

Erenor Golden Shrine [이프니르의 황금 성소]:

There was an old city named Erenor built by the continent’s most advanced civilization. The Ipnysh [이프나] race that lived there eventually vanished by living within the Elves and Human civilization.

Respawn location.

So basically we’re tomb raiders going through the Erenor Golden Shrine dungeon to get our shiny T3 lib gear.

My prediction is that the new dungeon will feel like Serpentis with Noryette difficulty. Personally sounds pretty interesting.

Some more cool images.

This is the final boss in the dungeon. Looks pretty bad ass and reminds me of some bosses you can fight against in Diablo 3. Looking at his hands, maybe it could shoot lasers like the 4th boss in Library?

This is a 5 man dungeon by the way.

New Dungeon Gear:

Dope new gear.

In the new dungeon introduced above, you can either get the Shabbat (T3 Library) gear from loot by chance or you can either awaken your existing T2 Library gear in to it. You get to keep the Gear Type levels while awakening.

Shabbat Leather Gear.

The materials necessary for awakening T2 gears into Shabbat gear can be obtained within this dungeon by killing the boss mobs and can also be obtained by running dailies (Probably the same way how current T2 awakening is).

Took a while to edit it.

There were a lot of complaints in KR that Lib gear was shitty, cuz it is too expensive compared to Hiram. Hiram gear became so easy to gear up since the Garden patch, but Library gear was left the same.

As a result, in addition to introducing this new Shabbot gear, synthesizing existing lower tier dungeon gear will become about 20~30% cheaper.

Shabbot gear also won’t cost too much, because tons of KR players were complaining that gearing Dungeon gear was too expensive compared to Hiram gear.


It’s probably unintended, but consider a scenario where you have 5 pieces of T2 Library gear for your 5 set library effect. You farmed your ass out to awaken one of your T2 Library piece to Shabbot gear. Guess what? You lose your 5 set effect, because technically the Shabbot gear is not a T3 Library gear; it is just a gear that can be awakened from T2 Library gear. So while you are gearing up, you would be playing without your library set effects until you awaken those T2 Library gears.

This also applies to your Abyssal Lunafrosts. Probably a bug as well, but there are reports where Abyssal Lunafrosts set effects not stacking with each other. Say the 5 set Lunafrost effect gives you crit rate increase. if you have 4 Lunafrosts on your T2 gear and 1 Lunafrost on your Shabbot gear, it won’t be considered that you have 5 Abyssal Lunafrosts.

House Fairies:

Dobby is not free.

KR Archeage is now getting House Fairies that would automatically plant and harvest your farms.

You can assign your House Fairy on to a house and it will cost 20 Tax Certificates (at least in this example).

This addition is intended to resolve housing problems where players do not have enough land.

Fairies seem to have a labor pool which is can spend on given specific tasks. It can equip Vocation gear which seems to give you bonus effects. House Fairies also have their own proficiency which reduces the amount of labor the House Fairy would spend on given task.

The example above shows you that you can assign a House Fairy on your existing land, but the patch note mentions that House Fairies can only be assigned on specialized farms designed for these fairies and if you have spare designs that are not used, you can assign those fairies to those designs the the fairies will work on behalf of you. The efficiency seems to be lower than you manually harvesting.

The image above shows you how to assign spare building designs so that the house fairies can use the farm designs to produce goods. Potatoing this way takes longer than and gives you less goodies, but it will still work even if you are offline. The higher level your fairies become, the more spare designs you can assign to your fairies, thus the more yield you will get.

The max labor the fairy can hold also increases so you can AFK longer. Fairies are account bind, but can move to different characters. (One account can have multiple characters right?) The labor the fairy uses is from the server labor pool. Fairies don’t pay tax certificates, but have to pay something called a “Production cost” which probably is a set limit on how much a player can get yields out of a fairy. This amount is recharged every week for free, but can also be bought (Probably through the Credit Shop).

Re-charging Production Cost.

In the future, the devs intend to expand the type of activities the fairies can automate on behalf of you.

It is yet to be confirmed, but I would predict that these House Fairies are attachable on existing house plots, but users will be able to give extra farm/house designs to the fairy so that it can basically get free “virtual” land to plant and harvest things.

PC Cafe Exclusive Dungeon:

A PC Cafe exclusive dungeon called “Mo-Oh’s Bizarre Dreamland” dungeon is added. Multiple players can join the dungeon together. Seems like there’s a daily for this dungeon. (You can see the daily quest tag below.)

The NPC that gives you the quest.

This dungeon isn’t intended to be difficult and is a more relaxing dungeon that doesn’t rely on the player’s gear score and level. The play style is similar to the 1 man solo co-op dungeon (Upcoming dungeon called Hereafter Rebellion) [저승의 밤]. You can still get goodies only obtainable from the Credit Shop even if you only spend a bit of time.


Improved Trade Route:

Trade Routes on the East got improved even more.

ez trade runs.

Finally there is a new route that connects Hasla and Rokhala, Hasla trade runs will become easier than before.


Random Other Stuff:

Car Changes

Timber Coupe recipes have changed and they added several more tiers. T2 and T2 Timber Coupe does not have slots to put packs.

Honor Luna Charms

Archeage lets you either get T1 ~ T3 Lunagems by gathering materials, but also lets you go through the Luna Charm route. In Legacy, not many players went Luna Charms, because the stats were inferior to Lunagems. In Unchained, lots of players still don’t go for it, because it costs a lot of honor and doesn’t even give you the best stats. Now Luna Charm gets a +6 upgrade which basically makes the Luna Charms as good as the traditional Lunagems.

Territory Income

Get ready boiz. Erenor Heros can now manage how much territory income will be split between players and heroes. Now Heroes can set the amount of pool the heroes will get out of the territory income pool (Maximum is 30%). If 30% is set, 6 heros of the faction gets a split out of the 30% of the total territory income from that territory.

Heroes also can give contribution points to other players in the raid. This is intended to help players who contribute a lot to the faction, but cannot make it to potato territory content. (Probably catering for the content raid that goes through an ass of a day while the potato raid goes through reset dailies.)

Incoming Faction Hero drama!!!


RNG to even leave Pirate faction LOLOL

Your words have been heard. Now Pirates can de-pirate whenever. It costs a lot to de-pirate, but every week up to 5 players can leave the Pirate faction. There’s also a chance to fail on leaving the faction. If you fail to leave the faction, you get some of the cost you spent to leave the faction, but you can only attempt to leave again the next week. De-pirating is exempt from the Exiles cooldown.

Faction Score Balance

None of yall listened to me that you can easily manipulate the faction score, but this is a thing in Korea that is being abused even today. XL is going to balance it soon and obviously not tell us what they changed.

Some Garden (KR Unchained) Server changes

Ain’t nobody care about this stuff.

Cargo Ferry changes

I ain’t no potato and I personally believe the Cargo Ferry needs to go away so yeah only rough translations for this.

It’s basically addressing the issue where people were not able to sit on the cargo ferry’s chairs or hang on the ladders due to having too much people on it. Maybe trolls were putting alts on the chairs and ladders? Anyway people actually with packs weren’t able to get on those to safely travel through the sea, thus the developers will soon figure out a solution to this.

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    1. Hmm, I’m not sure. There wasn’t any mention about the cost of the design changing so it probably would be the same as how it is right now.


    1. Unfortunately, I had to hide it. Some people probably have mirrors of the post before it got hidden. It’s in the reddit comment section.


      1. do you know what patch you can make your erenor cloak t2? the picture looks like a new t3


  1. Any updates on the depirate thing now that its actually been out for a while? Do you know the material costs or any estimate on how often it fails?


    1. I recall seeing depirating failing often and that you get half the mats back when you fail, but I didn’t really look it up. If you want to get out of pirate, you should take a break for a month and then come back. We aren’t getting KR’s depirate system any time soon. It’ll happen after all 3 garden patches that we’re supposed to get.


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