Ipnysh Sanctuary Guide (WIP)

Got some Ipnysh Sacntuary (Golden Shrine) boss videos that you guys might be interested in. The 2nd boss and the 4th boss are the hard ones with the 2nd boss being the hardest.

Thanks to Kimnuts for making the videos that I referenced to write up the guide!

1st Boss

The boss boss round consists of 4 mini bosses that all have different mechanics. Before you start, the runs are much easier if your healer can rez quickly.

1st boss by Kimnuts.


First of all, all the boss skills can be used while standing still and even when it’s moving. It is crucial to make sure you can recognize the actual physical motions of the boss for each of the skills. In future phases, clones of the boss spawn and you can’t see their casting bars, so you need to memorize the visuals of each pattern.

The boss skills are the following:

Tramp Earth (대지 밟기)
Tramp Earth

The boss does a couple jumps and the last jump is the high jump. Once the cast is over, jump to avoid damage. Seems to have about 15m range.

Charge (돌진)
Spawns a mat and charges.

Melees behind the boss needs to back off when it does the charge. It also hits players that aren’t on the mat if they are behind the boss.

Bucking (뒷발치기)
As always keep distance from the boss.

Hits targets behind the boss. Pretty simple.

Fling Up (올려 차기)
Seems like you should always just move away when the boss runs towards you.

Hits targets in front of the boss. Main aggro should avoid the attack using mobility skills like backdrop.

Seems pretty easy as long as you have archers as your DPS. Basically you want 1 healer and 4 DPS (any class) to quickly nuke down the boss. If you die too much, spec defense. Even 3 DPS with 2 healers (1 main healer and a rezzer) can be a good choice.

Once the boss has 80% HP, it spawns Rapters that are immune to your attacks. You need to align yourself so that the boss attacks hit the Rapters. Or you can just lift the Rapters will CCs like Bubble and the surrounding towers will attack the Rapters.

Try not to get lifted, because those towers will also hit you.

Once the boss has 40% HP, it will spawn a clone of itself which disappears in 40 seconds. The clone also can lift you so be careful. The purple traps in the middle lifts you up if you stand on it so be aware. The only way to deal with the clone is to just ignore it and full DPS the boss.


If you get hit by the boss’ Sunder Earth, you insta-die. The main aggro just needs to move away from the boss and avoid the Sunder Earth.

When the boss hits 70% HP, it spawns suiciding robots. If you hit them, they explode and causes an AOE trip around itself. It’s stationary when spawns, but later on moves so kill them asap. You can notice that the boss acts up weirdly if the main aggro dies. This can sometimes cause the boss to reset, so you just have to pray for it to no reset.

When the boss hits 40% HP, it spawns a clone that also does the same thing. The clone is immune to damage so it will eventually always get aggroed to the healer. But when it first spawns, it will initially aggro to whoever is closest to the clone. The aggro will eventually change to the healer, so the healer needs to heal while kiting the clone.


For this boss, you also just have to be careful with the aggro. When the boss spawns, stick to the center of the map, so that the boss doesn’t move to somewhere else.

Stay inside the center quadrant like this.

At the start, out of the 9 quadrants of the map thorns spawn on all the quadrants except the center one. These thorns will trip you if you get hit.

This boss has 2 patterns and you only have to pay attention to one of the pattern. The boss’s normal attack is a shock attack and the boss shoots the attack towards the main aggro. If you get hit by it, you get pushed and tripped, so you need to avoid it by doing long stutter steps. You can see it how it’s done below.

You can see the red circle player is doing long stutter steps to avoid the shock attack.

The shock attack has a mini skill channel at the start and immediately starts a slightly longer skill channel. When the 1st mini channel ends, move to the side. Once the 2nd skill channel ends, go back to where you were.

Occasionally the boss spawns suicide robots on the 4 corners of the center quadrant so stay away from it. These suicide robots seems to blow up when it gets aggro.

When the boss reaches 60% HP, the thorns on the ground swap and only spawns at the center of the map. It also spawns the Mechanoid Hog looking boss clone you saw from 2nd phase of the 1st stage. Like the previous phase, this boss clone only gets aggro from the healer, so the healer needs to kite the clone.

At 40% HP, the thorns now spawn on the outer quadrants, so get back inside. The clone could still be alive. (Seems like you can kill it using the thorns to your advantage? Please verify.) If it is still alive, your healer who should have the aggro of the clone needs to stay on the outer quadrants and kite the clone while healing.

Suicide bots will now spawn again on the outer quadrants, so a DPS (preferably an archer with missile rain) needs to blow them up to make the healer’s life easier.

During the entire time, the main aggro just needs to kite the shock attack.


So finally the 4th phase boss in level 1. Over all the patterns are identical to the 1st phase, but it uses Sunder Earth (that one shots people). Luckily it doesn’t spawn the rapters. Instead is spawns the suicide bots.

At the start, there’s no special pattern. Just look at the boss’ movements and react accordingly.

At 85%, a clone from the phase 2 spawns. Remember you need to pay attention with the clone as they can also do patterns. It can use Sunder

At 75%, 2 clones from phase 1 spawn. As always clones eventually aggro to healers, so its crucial for the healers to position correctly so that the clone attacks don’t hit the DPS.

At 50%, 2 clones spawn from phase 2, but they stay stationary and only uses Sunder Earth. This will one shot you.

At 20%, 1 clone from phase 4 spawns. It basically does all the patterns. Basically assume that all the clones will to all the patterns, since there’s too many clones in the map. Clones do disappear after 40 seconds since they are spawned though.

2nd Boss

2nd boss by Kimnuts

Ah I guess you finally beat the first bosses. Now its Carlisle and Talmon that you need to kill.

In Kimnut’s video, the party has 2 healers, 3 archers. 2 of the archers have shields and specced defense.

You can notice that the bosses have several buffs and debuffs at the start. They start with 500k shield. If you hit the boss when the shield is present, you “get” the same type the boss has. Carlisle is light type and Talmon is dark type. If you get hit by the boss with the same type as yourself, you will only receive 1/3 of the actual damage. You also need the same type to react on a specific boss pattern. So it’s important to have two players tanking each of the bosses.

The buffs and debuffs

The first buff is the type of the boss. The 2nd buff is the the shield. The first debuff is probably the timer till it hits Enrage mode. When the boss is in enrage, you basically can’t beat it, because it gains 300% increased damage and 80% received damage. Just reset at the point.

The boss skills are the following:

Carlisle’s Sword

Hits targets infront of the boss. Basically the front 180′ angle.

When Carlisle uses this skill, the boss moves forward slightly. You need to pay attention so that the boss’s skill doesn’t hit your back, since the skill wouldn’t get blocked and will kill the tank.

Carlisle’s Cross Attack

Creates a Cross shape mat that deals massive damage.

The Cross Attack’s cross mat is very large and can reach from one end to almost the other end so both tanks should be aware of this.

Carlisle’s Mobilization

Notice that the boss channels twice.

Once the shield of the boss is gone, the boss enters the 2nd phase and will start be using this skill. After the first skill channel, it will teleport to the main aggro. Seems like the players with the same type of the boss needs to get close to the boss or said player will gain 200% reduced healing.

Carlisle’s Aura Blade

Also be careful so that the skill doesn’t hit your back.

Like Carlisle’s Sword, you want to back up slightly.

Until the shields go away, the extra DPS shouldn’t be hitting the bosses. I would assume this DPS player won’t get any specific type since the player waited to hit the bosses until the shield disappeared.

You can notice the player “비콸” is waiting until the shield is gone.

Main Focus of the beating the bosses:

DPS and do the patterns until both bosses has 5% HP (265,000 HP) left. To be safe, slow DPS when you get close and avoid AOE skills. When a boss hits 5% HP, it will go into sleep mode that heals the other boss up to 30% hp. You want both bosses entering sleep mode and burn both of them at the same time.

Basically all of the bosses’ attacks hurt, but the tanks need to get hit by the skills called “Carlisle’s Sword” and “Talmon’s Staff”. They are kind of like the bosses’ basic attacks. The reason behind this is whenever the tank dodges those skills, the boss gains a buff stack called ” How dare you dodge this? (어쭈 피해?)” that increases the boss’s received damage and damage by 30%.

Also the bosses gain Mettle stacks whenever it is hit and “Carlisle’s Sword” and “Talmon’s Staff” both deals consumes the Mettle stacks to deal extra damage. When the attack is blocked, 100k Mettle stacks seem to deal 10k more damage.

Apparently there’s also a presumed bug:

  • If Carlisle gains 300k Mettle stacks Carlisle’s Sword will not deal any damage.
  • If Talmon gains 400k Mettle stacks Talmon’s Staff will not deal any damage.

Luckily attacks from the bosses can be blocked, parried, and evaded, so the 2 tanks need to spec Defense with a shield and use Shield Slam whenever available to dodge the bosses’ attacks. With block, the hits are manageable.

Because the boss starts with 50k shield at the start, the tanks can’t keep aggro from the healer. It’s important for the tank to use hard aggro skills like “Boastful Roar” to keep it aggroing to the healer. It’s also important to make the boss face towards the wall so that it won’t accidentally hit other players.

Pro tip: You can notice that the main tank archer swapped to normal Endless Arrow. This is probably to prevent the GCD so that he can use his defense skills on time.

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