[12/3/2020] New Skill Class: Gunslinger


Until now a lot of players have been waiting for the new class: Gunslinger. The upcoming December 3rd update introduces the skill class that is based on the Shotgun (Range attack based). The narrative of Gunslinger and some of the motions were shown in game via Morpheus and through the Chronicle quests, but this update will hype you guys up since the class and Shotguns will finally be able to be played by all of you.

In December the development team prepared, not only the Gunslinger class and Shotguns, but also many other contents. XL hopes players will enjoy them.


Many player might already know, but the Gunslinger class is symbol of Morpheus, who is the leader of the Pirates and the ruler of the Growling Isles. The Chronicle quest introduced Morpheus’ hidden story and the story behind the Gunslinger class.

New Gunslinger Class Promotion Video
12 December Update Video. Has animations for new class

The combat style Morpheus invented by using the Shotgun has some differences between its range based class, Archery. Unlike Archery that can deal the maximum amount of damage from a distant and the bow that can quickly shoot, the Shotgun shoots several pre-loaded bullets and gunpowder to deal powerful damage, however it cannot deal precise damage from faraway.

Skills of Gunslinger


Resistance Instinct

Magic Defense +5%
3 Gunslinger Points needed

Shooting Practice

Gunslinger Skill Damage +7%
4 Gunslinger Points needed

Modify Barrel

Changes the range of the “sweet spot”.
Range Gunslinger Skill multiple hit range limit +2m
5 Gunslinger Points needed

Real Reload

When Reload skill used, +1 Madness
6 Gunslinger Points needed

Master of Evasion

Evasion +3%
7 Gunslinger Points needed

The Luck is Mine

Endless Shot increases Sanity +1 with a 50% chance
7 Gunslinger Points needed

Instead of precisely sniping targets far from the fight, the ideal play would likely be to join the heart of the fight and utilize the Shotgun’s wide array of powerful AoE skills to deal a lot of damage to a lot of foes. Also, Morpheus’ Gunslinger does everything in its power to destroy its foe, so even if you cannot kill the foe, you could leave debuffs like Corrosion or Infection to force the enemy to abandon the fight.

It may seem a bit unfamiliar to the traditional PvP group, but XL hopes the class can use its flexible dodging skill and mobility skills to weaken the enemy’s ball and break their formation.

This shit takes a long time.
Exact values will get balanced after testing period.


Shotgun will be Gunslinger’s main range weapon. Both bow and the shotgun can use each of their own main class’s skills, but the weapons have slightly different effect when using the counterpart’s skill class, so it is efficient to use the weapons for its intended skill class.

I’m kind of iffy with the Soulslake Shotgun tooltip, cuz XL is dogshit with their Korean.

Every gear line (hiram, lib, etc) will have a Shotgun. Shotguns will be available in Hiram, Raid, Dungeon, Crafting. A total of 63 Shotguns will be added in this update, and they have the identical gear progression like other weapons. Since there are a variety of designs for the shotguns it will be quite a fun for you guys to find the skin that you would like to use.

Looks of the Shotguns

Race Change (Visuals Only)

Since many players requested, players can now change their character model to a different race. This only lasts for a certain amount of time (30 days for the item shown below), so it doesn’t actually affect the player’s gender, faction. Think of it as this simply changes your character’s racial looks.

Item that lets you change your racial appearance. Once used, you also receive a 1 day lasting Salon ticket.
You can basically change yourself to the other races from this UI. You cannot change your racial appearances while you’re already changed into one. You cannot change your gender while you changed your racial appearnaces.

When you use the item, a UI will pop up to prompt you for the race you change to change into. After racial change, you will get the basic racial features (like Warborn horns), but you will have to use the complimentary salon ticket to make specific customization. Also the effects are gone, you can use a salon ticket to change back to your original appearance instead of the default racial looks. (I assume this is given for free?)


Like mentioned above, this does not permanently change your race, but only changes your racial character model, so there are a couple points to keep in mind.

  • If you Cancel the Racial Change, the remaining duration does not get refunded in anyway.
  • While you in a different race, you cannot change your race or change your gender.
  • Racial specific item appearances won’t be shown once you change your race.
  • When the duration expires or gets canceled while the player is in-game, logging back in will update the player’s looks.
Before and After. Cat to Loli.

To change your race, you need to learn about the secrets about racial transmogrify. Its not a big secret, but the quest <Potion that changes appearances> must be completed to change races. Said quest will have more information once the update is live.

XL does not exactly decided how they will provide this race changing ticket, but they are planning to make it available during an event to commemorate the first release of race changes. Further posts will contain more information about this.

Labor Changes

The current labor system saves information on to the account, where labor is shared to any character regardless of which server it is in. But this feature caused problems where a server’s labor would get used on a different server, and promoted alt usages, and overall caused a negative impact to the game.

To fix this problem and improve Archeage’s economy, XL is changing the account labor system.

First of all, the biggest change is that every labor regenerated while the character is offline gets added into the server labor pool. As a result, the labor regenerated by staying online every 5 minutes now only gets added into the server pool where that character is logged in. Now labor regenerated while the account being offline only get saved into the account labor pool.

Account Labor Pool: The labor pool that is shared between all the servers.
Server Labor Pool: The labor pool that can only be used in that specific server.

As you can notice, KR server’s labor system is quite different than ours, and I don’t think this labor change really matters to us.

Labor Regen Type

Original Regen Method

New Regen Method

Account Labor Pool

Server Labor Pool

Offline Labor Pool
(Old Account Labor Pool)

Labor Pool
(Old Server Labor Pool)

Offline Labor Regen (Patron)





Daily Arche*





Online Labor Regen (Patron)










Sleep Labor Regen





(Old Tradeable) Labor Potion





Rice Cake Series*





Bound Labor Charges





Adventurer’s Winged Elixir*





Angel Wing Elixir*





Garden Elixir





Daily Arche: Expands the maximum Labor +1000. Restores 5 Labor every 5 minutes when online.
ArcheBlessing: Expands the maximum Labor +4000. Restores 5 Labor every 5 minutes when online
Rice Cake Series: Some random KR event labor item. Discontinued.
Adventurer’s Winged Elixir: The one that gives labor for several hours each hour giving you more labor per 5 min.
Angel Winged Elixir: Used to regenerate Labor every 5 minutes for 50 minutes.

To resolve inconveniences caused by the new labor change, the maximum server labor pool will get increased. Having Patron or ArcheBlessing will change this max labor pool, so please check the table below. Damn another table to make.

Labor Regen Type

Original Account


Patron and ArcheBlessing


Max Account Labor


Max Server Labor


Max Account Labor


Max Server Labor


Max Account Labor


Max Server Labor



Max Offline Labor


Max Online Labor


Max Offline Labor


Max Online Labor


Max Offline Labor


Max Online Labor


Their labor pool naming change is confusing.

To conclude, there will be some UI changes and tool tip changes. Also, the account labor pool (Newly called: Offline Labor) will be used first instead of the server labor pool.

Labor UI change

This information will be announced more elaborately through a separate post, so check it out to avoid any inconveniences while playing the game. Also, there will be an event to give out free labor to compensate for any inconveniences that arises from the upcoming change.

Quality of Life Improvements

1. Max Gold Trade Limit Increase

The Auction House had a limit of 200,000 gold when selling items. During the early stages of servicing the game this limit was sufficient, but after many updates, the amount of gold trading steadily increased as well as more expensive items getting added. There has been a lot of requests to increase this limit, but due to technical problems (lol what), it took a lot of time to increase the maximum gold trade limit.

Notice the glorious 1 Million gold limit.

This update increases the gold trade limit to 1,000,000 gold in the AH and also almost every aspects of the game that is related to gold. (I assume they’re talking about mail and 1:1 trades.)

2. Special Respawn Areas

This patch adds special respawn areas into 6 more regions in Auroria. Nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar, Calmlands, Exeloch, and Sungold now has special respawn areas for each faction (a total of 3). All these special respawn areas have the same rules as the special respawn areas from other zones.

Sungold Respawn Areas. Blue = Nuia, Green = Haranya, Purple = Pirates

3. Austera Trade Routes

Austera has a trade outlet and is considered to be used by a lot of players on the East. Experienced pack runners wouldn’t have a problem passing through the hills from Mahadevi, but for the inexperienced, this might be a bit difficult. Also a mistake can cause the Farm cart to get stuck on a cliff and end up lowering the pack’s freshness (cause of turning in late).

Improvement to the trade route to get to Austera. Yellow = Old Route, Red = New Route

This update, like the past several updates, also increases trade routes. We hope this makes the player’s trade runs a bit easier.

4. Party Duel

Duel, a way to prove your strength in PvP has always only supported 1:1s. This update adds party duels. It is identical to the existing 1:1 duel, but can only be requested when both sides have parties formed.

Basically a new option added when right clicking the player.

5. Tax Paying Change

Like announced earlier, XL is adding a way for players to pay housing tax for the remaining patron days they have. Pre-paying can only be done when the player has at least 5 days of patron left than the pre-pay ending date. (To basically make people have to always have patron on if they own land.) For example, you want to pre-pay tax for it to last till 3/25. This means you wil need patron till 3/30.

Also, when buildings are sold via Building Management Titles, the tax that has been paid gets reset, and thus cannot be “leased out” or returned. Please take note of this to avoid any inconveniences.


Looking at the preparation for the last update of 2020, we feel that time really does fly quickly. Especially this year felt like the development team lacked a lot of time to prepare for the updates, because of the pandemic. However, we think we will get pass through the December update thanks to all of your cheers, interest, and continuous love.

XL plans to finish this year strong and is preparing to continuously roll out updates next year. XL realizes that it is important to make sure that the contents, that has been added each month during the past 3 years, does not lose its shelf life and stay exciting.

January’s Amigo post will discuss about a new zone, stories about the Erenor Mountain and its surroundings, as well as many other fruitful content. Lastly, it will also layout road map of 2021’s upcoming updates.

Stay safe during these time where COVID-19 is getting spread again, and XL hopes that the world can get back to normal as soon as possible.

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