Ipnysh’s Relic Explanation

Reference: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/archeage/2836/304322
Noting that most of the data is pull from the link above.


Ipnysh’s Relic is a new progression system available since 1/14/2021 in KR Archeage. It’s kind of like Maplestory’s Star force system. Basically think of it as a progression where you strengthen your body instead of your actual gear. For example: if you strengthen your chest and grow abs, any chest piece you equip will get some bonus stats.

You can gain mats to upgrade your Ipnysh’s Relic by participating in Mt. Ipnysh quests and these mats are used for both weapon and armor.

Red, Blue, and Green orbs are used for the pieces below. Color coded.

The colored orbs above are used to increase your experience, and the Ewan’s Rune (blue triangle item above) that costs 150 tokens is used to basically tier up your body part.

Body Parts

There are total 16 body parts you can ‘enhance’ in the Ipnysh’s Relic system

  • 3 Attack Body Parts: Right hand Weapon, Left hand Weapon, Bow
  • 7 Defense Body Parts: Head, Chest, Waist, Wrists, Hands, Legs, Feet
  • 6 Support Body Parts: Necklace, 2 x Rings, 2 x Earrings, Instrument

Feeding exp using the mats will let you level up each body part eventually. Every time the piece levels up, it will gain a star⭐. Each body part can go up to 10 stars ⭐.

Increasing the tier of your body part also increases the equipped gear’s gear score, damage, and armor. I’m not sure about the exact amounts, but 5 stars on an 30+ level 10 T3 Erenor Bow increases the DPS from 1177.3 -> 1211.8.

If you reach 5 stars ⭐ on a body part, you get your first synth on your body part, and if you reach 10 stars ⭐ on a body part, you get your second synth stat on your body part. Support body part is an exception. First synth stat is available at 2⭐, 2nd synth stat at 3⭐, and 3rd synth stat which is only available for support body parts is available at 4⭐. The first synth stat on body parts will be normal stat attributes like Str, Agi, Int, Sta, Spi, and the second synth stat you get will be stats like cast time, attack speed, and more. What stat you get when you become that tier is random, so you need to use serendipity stones to reroll them.

Ewan’s Rune

Like mentioned earlier, Ewan’s rune is used to increase your star value on your body part. There are 3 tiers of Ewan’s rune. These tiered Ewan’s rune are used for different tiers of your body part:

T1 Ewan’s rune: 1⭐ ~ 3⭐
T2 Ewan’s rune: 5⭐ ~ 6⭐
T3 Ewan’s rune: 7⭐~ 9⭐

T1 Ewan’s Runes are available in the Merchant, but T2 requires 3x T1 Ewan’s Runes and 10x Bloody Scales (Available in the new zone.)
T3 Ewan’s Runes require 3x T2 Ewan’s Runes and 30x Bloody Scales.

Set Effect

UI to level up the piece.

Set Effects:

  1. Max HP 2000 & Max Mana 1000
  2. 750 Physical & Magical Defense
  3. 500 Toughness & 200 Resilience

If you look at the UI above, there are 3 bars at the bottom right each with 3 stars. The top is for attack body parts, 2nd is for defense body parts, and the 3rd is for support body parts. If you exceed the amount of stars necessary as per the UI says, you will gain the respective set bonus. However all three types of body parts needs to have the amount of stars satisfied to get the set effect.

Here are some examples:

  • If you get 12 attack stars, 28 defense stars, 12 support stars, you’ll get the level 1 set effect.
  • If you get 30 attack stars, 28 defense stars, 24 support stars, you’ll get the level 1 set effect.
  • If you get 21 attack stars, 70 defense stars, 24 support stars, you’ll get the level 1 & 2 set effect.
  • If you get 30 attack stars, 70 defense stars, 24 support stars, you’ll get the level 1 & 2 & 3 set effect.

Available Synth Stats

The | (pipe) operator indicates OR.

Attack Body Parts (3 Body Parts)

5 ⭐: 20 Str | 20 Agi | 20 Int | 20 Sta | 20 Spi
10 ⭐: 1.2% Cast Time | 18 Attack Speed | 430 Focus | 0.9% Evasion

Defense Body Parts (7 Body Parts)

5 ⭐: 20 Str | 20 Agi | 20 Int | 20 Sta | 20 Spi
10 ⭐: 192 Resilience | 187 Max Health | 104 Toughness | 0.5% Movement Speed

Support Body Parts (6 Body Parts)

2 ⭐: 20 Str | 20 Agi | 20 Int | 20 Sta | 20 Spi
3 ⭐: 4 Melee Attack | 4 Range Attack | 4 Magic Attack | 4 Healing Power
4 ⭐: 1% Melee Critical Rate | 1% Range Critical Rate | 1% Magic Critical Rate | 1% Healing Critical Rate | 1% Received Healing


Once you max out all 16 body parts, you’ll get the following:

  • 320 Main Stat of your choosing
  • Attack Body Part: 3.6% Cast Time | 54 Attack Speed | 1290 Focus | 2.7% Evasion
  • Defense Body Part: 1344 Resilience | 1309 Max Health | 728 Toughness | 3.5% Movement speed
  • Support Body Part: 24 Melee Attack | 24 Range Attack | 24 Magic Attack | 24 Healing Power
    AND 6% Melee Critical Rate | 6% Range Critical Rate | 6% Magic Critical Rate | 6% Healing Critical Rate | 6% Received Healing
  • Set Effects: Max HP 2000 & Max MP 1000, 750 Physical & Magical Defense, 500 Toughness & 200 Resilience

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