[11/5/2020] Golden Plains Brawl

Yet another patch without the Insanity class update. Oh well LOOOOL


With your warm cheers the dev team finally started working in the office since October 12th. Korea seems to be getting stable regarding COVID, but regions like NA/EU are still fucked and COVID have been re-spreading and XL is worried. Especially with the cold weather and the high temperature swings, it is very important to take care of your health.

Today we are introducing the November major updates, and give a sneak peek of some of the things in the Winter Updates we are aiming to release during December and January.

Golden Plains Brawl

This month, a new season of Arena has been added. If the Navel Arena was a survival game with Clippers, the Golden Plains Brawls takes place in the already familiar Golden Plains map and is this season’s Arena. Like the Naval Arena, this arena will also last until the one last survivor remains, and the objective is to defeat other participants and survive as long as possible.

The arena is Free for All with a max 50 player limit. Players will be able to enjoy the arena for about a month until the December update rolls out.

Brawl Entry UI

Many of the rules are taken from the Navel arena, so the overall flow will be similar to the Naval arena. After the initial preparation time, players can either farm chests are defeat other participants to gain a variety of combat effects and useful items. Also, as time passes, the zone the players can be in will get smaller.

Treasure chests spread across the Golden Plains

Lastly, to maintain a constant brawl in the instance, players will gain a penalty if they do not commit to combat when they are close to other players. Once they get enough penalty, the player will lose the necessary abilities to survive in the arena, so be careful.

The last survivor gets a hidden achievement and tag, so please enjoy the arena.

Mistsong Banquet Season 4

The long awaited Mistsong Banquet is finally back. There were feedback that last season was a bit too difficult and, in fact, there weren’t that many players that completed the last round.

As a result, the mid rounds will become slightly more easier while the last round’s difficulty will get harder. Besides that, a new type of cannon will be available that can only be installed close to the statue, so that experienced players can aid other lanes by placing cannons there too.

New Cannon: Reinforced Cannon

This season’s Mistsong Banquet is a shared instance where players from all servers can play together (I assume Legacy and Unchained players can queue together.)


  • Added Reinforced Cannons that can only be installed close to the statue.
  • Mobs that spawn starting round 13 have slightly less HP and movement speed.
  • After the mid round, mobs that don’t get affected by flame cannons can appear.
  • Mobs in round 21 will spawn quicker over time.


1. Wandering Scrap Trader

After last time’s trade pack changes, it seemed like a lot of the so called “throwaway packs” have reduced, but some zones still have a lot of them. These packs are the packs that are just left on the ground after players make them for their dailies. XL thinks selling these packs and getting some pocket money is part of the game and can be enjoyable.

Left over throwaway packs on the field.

But if there’s too many left over packs on the ground, it annoys players and ruins the beautiful landscape.

Wandering Scrap Trader

This patch adds a scrap trader, whose goal is to protect the environment. Players can purchase a clean-up bag on the General Merchant to collect these throwaway packs and sell these bags to the Scrap Trader.

The clean-up bags purchasable from the General Merchants.

But since the Scrap Trader is also a trader that needs to make profit (…) they won’t give you more gold than you would get by actually selling the packs yourself. This can reduce a lot of the manual labor and time, so consider spending some of your extra time to protect the environment.

2. Balancing Ship Components

Ship components have always been used a lot, but hasn’t been balanced due to balancing other things. This update focuses on buffing lesser used ship components, so that they can be comparable to those that are more used commonly.

High-Speed Siege Cannon & Naval Cannon
Lutesong Mainsail and Foresail & Eznan Mainsail and Foresail are changed.


  • Turtleship’s max occupancy is increased from 20 -> 30. Mode changing cool down is reduced from 30s -> 20s.
  • Turtleships’s thorn damage from the roof is calculated differently from fixed damage -> percent damage based on HP (I assume current HP?)
  • Buffed Naval Cannon and High-Speed Siege Cannon’s AOE range from 4m -> 6m. (Depending on the damage increase shooting cool down can change.)
  • Eznan Sails effect buffed by adding an extra effect where the boat’s movement speed is increased by 30% and receives 3.5% less siege damage for 30 seconds when under combat.
  • Lutesong Sail’s turning speed (uhh this is actually untouched.), acceleration, reverse speed is increased (And more…).
    • Example: Eternal Lutesong Zephyr Square Foresail Stats:
      Max movement speed: 80% -> 90%
      Reverse speed: 80% -> 120%
      Turning speed: -30% -> -30%
      Acceleration: 0% -> 10%

3. Surveys

Not only from in-game support, XL listens to their players from Amigo comments and many other community sites. Yeah sure, you should do a better job then. A Big job per say. This requires a certain amount of engagement from XL, so there are limits and is difficult for XL to listen to everyone’s thoughts and ideas.

As a result, the dev team uses in-game statistics to check game play, but this also isn’t a solution for everything. XL is adding in-game surveys to more accurately learn about player’s thoughts and ideas. I doubt we’re ever gonna get this feature LOL They’re shit at English xD

Survey Button
Survey UI

Surveys can only be done once per account, and players that participate in the survey can get a reward. For accurate statistics, XL will filter out alts from answering the surveys. Uhh… good luck with that.


This is it for November’s update, and here’s some info about the upcoming Winter Update.

First of all, like mentioned in the Chronicle quests the Insanity class scheduled to be released in December is based on Morpheus, and uses Shotguns made with Dwarf technology. It’s a range class where each shots feel great. Most of the skills in Archery and Insanity can be used interchangeably regardless of whether you use a bow or a shotgun, but like Swiftblade, some skills will have different effects depending on the type of weapon you are using.

Insanity class selection screen.
XL Loli confirmed

To end, XL is working on a new zone that is related to Ipnysh and Serpentis. We think some players will already know which zone it will be. Here are 2 concept images of the mysterious structures that will be in the zone. This zone is planned to be added in the January patch.

Dimension Laboratory Exterior
Dimension Laboratory Interior

There’s still some time till the Winter updates, so please enjoy our November updates till then.

[10/8/2020] Major Update Releases

We didn’t get the Insanity Rifle class yet, but we got a major balance patch. I’m personally not too keen of it, but hey it’s an attempt.


We hoped we’ll get back to normal since the last Amigo post, but because some fuckers going to clubs and some old Christian fuckers that are getting manipulated by the Conservatives in Korea (I added this part in. Not in the actual translation.), COVID 19 has been spreading again, and the XL has been continuing remote working from home. For October and the Winter updates, the developers are only going to the office when it is absolutely necessary, and is trying to do their best to meet deadlines, but they are facing issues. Yeah, the devs are just leaching off. Figures.

The dev team hopes that everyone would become more mindful of each other and work together to make it out through the hard times.

The Memory of the Carcass

The dev team tried to add in the Chronicle quest line, “The Memory of the Carcass” (Introduced back in September), on time, but social issues and working from home delayed the quest from getting added to last month’s update. This is finally added in this October’s update. We apologize to those who were waiting for this new content, and will return the favor with more new content and exciting stories soon.

Check the information about this Chronicles quest here.


Special Respawn Location

Whenever a neutral zone is in war, each faction spawns in different places. This has been always the case since launch, and was designed so, because respawn locations can affect PvP. Since content exists in so many zones, it is difficult to provide both factions with respawn locations equally. Fuck you. This shit is so easy to do if you actually play the fucking game XL.

For this reason, XL thought putting respawn locations in the correct location wouldn’t fix all the issue. As a result, XL thought making respawn locations to have each of their own purposes would be a good idea. Well the respawn location needs to be saved for at least 1 or 2 hours then.

This is the UI that lets you save a respawn location.
This is the UI you will see when you die. You get to either choose to spawn on your original Nui, or on your designated Nui.

This update lets faction heroes to set a designated respawn location for players in the same faction. The number of times players can set designated respawn location depends on how strong the faction is. Designated respawn locations last for 15 minutes, and each heroes have a cooldown of 30 minutes to set a designated respawn location. This shit is useless if it only lasts for 15 minutes monkeys. If you respawn from this designated respawn location, you will get a stronger buff so that you can start your battle more advantageously.

This update also displays each faction’s respawn location.

To learn more about how the special respawn locations work, check the image below.

How special respawn locations are used.

For now, this system will only be applied in Nuia and Haranya’s neutral continents. God damn it. This shit is useless if its not available in the ocean and Auroria. Since Auroria zones have the minimum number of respawn areas, the use of this feature is very limited. So XL, will add more respawn locations in the future and then make this feature available in the future.

Gear Balancing

1. Raid Boss Gear

This line of gear, that you can get from killing Raid bosses, is very powerful, but is very expensive and limited. This led to a question whether Raid boss gear were even worth going for.

XL received continuous feedback, but they were conservative with changes for the gear, because Raid boss gears can get free farmed in places where the factions weren’t balanced. However, the current gear system has Hiram gear and Dungeon gear buffed up a lot, and XL believes this will still give players a variety of options even if Raid boss gears are getting free farmed.

As a result, XL wants to strengthen Raid boss gear’s position as the best available gear to make it everyone’s ultimate goal. XL hopes this change will increase Raid boss content activities.


  • Black Dragon, Anquish Weapons and Garden Anthalon, Leviathan, Charybdis Weapons are stronger. (Weapons get more damage and Armors gets more physical and magical defense.)
  • Weapon active skills are greatly buffed, but the cooldown is increased from 45s -> 60s.
  • Anquish active skill requirement is now much easier.
New stats shown with arrows.

2. Erenor Gear

Unlike Hiram gear, Erenor gear had gotten new additions and changes pretty often. As a result, the line of gear has unnecessary synth effects and is missing some important synth effects. Basically the gear doesn’t suit with the current balance. To fix this issue, they are balancing Erenor gear. (Will not be adding another slot of synth effects.)


  • Some Erenor Gear (including accessories) will be getting additional synth effects. (Probably something like Erenor rings will now get magic def pen. This is just an example from me. I don’t know if this will be true.)
  • T3 Brilliant Erenor Gear’s Synth stats will now be identical to T5 Exalted Hiram Gear. (Except the main stats like Strength, Agility.)

3. 2 Hand Weapons

Because 2 hand weapons were not able to utilize a full weapon slot, XL passively balanced the 2 handers by making tweaks to Lunagems and Lunafrosts. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to improve the gear’s efficiency. Fuckers 2H wasn’t weak. Swiftblade was just OP. As this issue is also related to players choosing to use skill classes like Swiftblade and Malediction, it wasn’t easy for XL to make changes to 2 hand weapons.

XL though buffing 2 hand weapons was necessary for 2 hand players to utilize Battlerage or Sorcery’s full potential. (Since they can’t use Swiftblade or Malediction.) Buffing Battlerage or Sorcery indirectly buff Swiftblade and Malediction, so XL decided to just buff 2 hand weapons instead.


  • 2 Hand Weapon damage (including healing power) is increased from 1.2 -> 1.4 times a one hand weapon’s damage / healing power.
  • 2 Hand Weapon’s Synth effects are increased from 1.3 -> 1.8 times a one hand weapon’s synth effect. (Eg. if 1H’s def pen: 100, 2H’s def pen will be 180 instead of 130.)

Balancing Skill Classes

XL wanted to avoid balancing skill classes until they introduced the Insanity rifle class into the game, because these changes cause a huge impact in game play which can stress players. However, XL thought Swiftblade needed some changes, and they will be making some conservative balance changes.


  • Instinct‘s skill damage is decreased from 60% -> 50%. (Can still be stacked twice. Max possible skill damage increase is basically 120% -> 100%.)
  • Fleeting Footsteps now decreases Swiftblade skill mana cost by 60%.
  • Adrenaline Rush can only stack once per second. (Relentless Assault will not be able to add multiple stacks at once.)
  • Sinister Strike‘s Combo effect to increase Impale duration by 2 seconds can only be applied once.


  • Hit & Run (The new Deadeye) no longer gets immune from pull.


  • Crippling Mire: Gale duration is decreased from 8s -> 6s. Range decreased from 25m -> 15m.
    • Combo added that increases its range by 10m when under effect of Hit & Run or Steady Shooting.


  • Arc Lightning damage decreased by 7%. (Changed due to buff for 2 hand weapons.)


  • Purge‘s duration is decreased from 10s -> 5s.


  • Defiance now removes the effect and adds immunity to Distress and Provoke.


1. Distorted Steed

This is the 4th mount available in the Kyrios shop. This looks more aggressive than the other steeds. It had both version: the normal version and the Gallant version.

Distorted Steed
Gallant Distorted Steed

2. Garden 1 Server (KR’s first unchained server)

The unchained server finally gets all the content Legacy already had. They will now have access to the Garden instance and the Ipnysh Sanctuary dungeon. They will now have access to T5 Hiram and T3 Lib gear. Now this server will now be able to queue with the existing servers (They can now queue with the Legacy servers…?)

3. Housing Changes

Now players will not be able to put on plots if they have more than 1 unbuilt plot already down. This rule is still applied even if the plot is a community building like the Fellowship Plaza. XL is also planning to add changes to the Tax pre-pay system to prevent players from not paying Patron and still maintaining their buildings for a certain amount of time. (Updates will come during November or December.)


XL always wants to show up a bunch of new updates, but the past September’s and October’s updates were rather small in size due to COVID-19 and working from home. Though this is not what they anticipated, XL claims they will do their best during the remaining time to provide a stable service. Yeah sure, your servers always go down.

[9/3/2020] Morpheus & Rangora


It’s me, JaeHwang Lee.

Due to COVID, we’re switching back to working from home. We’re doing our best to stay safe while also focusing on the working on the updates, and we hope you guys would stay safe as well.
Actual meaning: Actually, we’re gonna take a break at home. Don’t shit on about us playing games at home instead of working.

Today we’re introducing a couple new content for the next month. The major updates are:

  • Morpheus & Rangora
  • New Chronicles quest lines
  • Some quality of life improvements
  • Extra housing in Auroria.

Due to the patch being pretty large, we’re not sure if we can actually include all the patch notes that we’re introducing.
Actual meaning: We’re not gonna include the stuff that got bad responses.

The contents we’re introducing are almost finished in development, so if we find any issues during our testing phase we might delay said content.
Actual meaning: It hurts our ego to say that we’re giving up on some changes depending on your responses, so we’re just going to say that we’re delaying said content, and eventually just cancel them when everyone forgets about it.

Meme Reference: http://inven.co.kr/board/archeage/2836/299831?p=3

Morpheus & Rangora

Morphues and Rangora should be one of the most well-known raid bosses for all of you. It means that their stories brought a lot of attention to all of you. This update makes these bosses stronger, and will provide a new Chronicle quest line about their stories.

Morpheus’ new visuals.

In the past, Morpheus and Rangora’s boat sank, because of Dahuta’s jealousy. As a result, Rangora got drowned deep in the ocean. Finally reaching the Growlgate Isles with a few of his men left, Morpheus was becoming insane, because of the loss of his loved one. All a sudden he heard Dahuta’s whispers that Dahuta would revive Rangora if he sacrifices ten thousand people’s worth of blood.

Eventually Morpheus conquered the Growlgate Isles and immobilized all the island’s pirates. He killed all the people passing the sea, and announced to both factions that he is finding someone that can challenge him. With the automatic cannons he looted from a dwarven trade ship, the bloody Morpheus became even stronger.

Defeating the stronger Morpheus and Rangora lets you get an even better reward than before. Like you expected, you will now be able to awaken your Searing Oath and Cold Anguish to T3.

Left is T3 Oath, Right is T3 Anguish.

Chronicle Quests

1. The Insane Aura that flows in the Ocean

This quest line is about Morpheus. Because of Morpheus’ cruel acts, the players get a request from their faction to investigate Morpheus’ past.

Insane Morpheus

But you will be able to what happened between him and his lover, Rangora, once you go through his story when the update comes out.

2. The Memory of the Carcass

This quest line starts from a mysterious earthquake that happened in Karkasse Ridgelands. The earthquake triggered many spontaneous phenomenons which leads to forgotten ancient stories. The ancient stories left in scripts and tales lead to the residents in the Karkasse Ridgeland, archaeologists, and the “Ekkihon” (Not sure what this is.) that remembers the war between the dragons and “Nuons”. From this chronicles questline, you will be able to learn about what the secrets left behind from the past dragon and Nuon war by peeking into the remains of the dragons that are left in the Karkasse Ridgelands.

Karkasse Ridgelands where the questline begins.

Auroria Housing

1. Additional Housing

Whalesong Harbor, Aegis Island, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch will now have new housing zones, and some areas will get changed to suit the housing zones.

Aegis Island’s new housing zone.

2. Front line Camp

The East and West continent has Community Centers for residents to do a variety of activities. Unfortunately Auroria’s harsh living area does not allow that, and the activities available in Auroria can only be different compared to those in East and West.

How the Front line camp looks like.

The newly added Aurorian housing zones will have a place called the Front line camp that is basically the equivalent of the Community Centers available in East and West. The camps have 3 development stages like the Community Centers, and each stages can do the following:

  • Rank 1 Development: Can do resident quests and craft basic supplies.
  • Rank 2 Development: Can craft Local specialty packs.
  • Rank 3 Development: Can receive a weaker version of the “Strength of the Faction”, and additional resident quests will be available.

3. Faction Critics

By gaining contribution towards developing the front line camp, you can receive positive reviews from your faction’s critic. Heroes, in this case, will be able to temporarily buff the faction’s statue buff or gain a moral increase effect that will be advantageous during sieges.

Why is it always the Darus?

4. Aurorian Trade Runs (Inland & Overseas)

The Aurorian expedition has led supplies to reach Diamond Shores from the faction’s mother land, but the supplies generated from Auroria usually never reached back to the East and West continents apart from some of the resources gained from sieges.

Locations of the Specialty Workbenches.

This update lets players make and sell specialty packs, and eventually make cargo runs as well. The whole trade system is identical to the ones in the motherland.

The trade outlet where players will sell local specialty packs and buy Aurorian cargo will be located in Heedmar, but Haranya and Nuia Cargo will only be accepted in the Trade Outlets located in Diamond Shores. (Heedmar is the easiest castle to takeover, so this is gonna be interesting.)

Aurorian Cargo will be accepted in Two Crowns Warscorched Scar Trade Outlet and Austera Port Trade Outlet for Onyx Archeum Essence, and is also accepted in Freedich Island for Dragon Essence Stabilizer. Aurorian Trade runs are more risky than the trade runs in the other 2 continents, so they will yield higher reward.

4. Housing Changes

  • Safe zones within Housing areas are removed.
  • Players are safe in the land they own. (Includes Auroria, and also during conflict and war time.)

Vehicle Modification

Like we mentioned from the last Amigo post, the B200, and C200 series now have vehicle mods. Owners of the B200s and C200s can now exchange their cars to cars that can equip vehicle mods. The B200 and C200s have slots for the Engine, the frame, and 2 back seats. The 2 back seats can also be replaced for other slots, so get excited.

B200/C200 and Timber Coupe Series

The Timber Coupe series also gets an additional slot at the back, which is only for trade pack storage. Through crafting, you can craft make a Trade Pack Storage exclusive for vehicles. This storage slows down the car, but lets you hold 3 packs at once. I assume this means a B200 can hold a total of 8 packs. (2 front seats, 3 from back seats, and 3 from the trunk.)

Vehicle mods exclusive to the B200/C200s.

The Magical Lands

Parts of the Mechanoid Chasing event and the Anquish raid will change. Magical Land’s content basically changes into the faction competition, and the faction that wins gets priority to kill Anquish. It’s a similar system to Thunderwing Titan. Oh please fuck no. But unlike having to kill mobs in Reedwind, the faction has to win by killing the Mechanoid first.

Rules for the Mechanoid Event
  • During wartime, heroes from each faction can spawn mechanoids every interval.
  • If the mechanoid is killed within 40 minutes since its spawn, the faction gains points.
  • Once Anquish is spawned, the opposite faction will automatically get teleported outside of the zone every set interval. (Not sure what this interval is. Probably means the opposite faction might be able to still contest.)
  • Once the faction reaches the goal, Anquish spawns.
  • The faction that did not win the event will have restrictions for 10 minutes since the spawn of Anquish. (Which probably means the faction that won gets a 10 minutes head start.)
Mechanoid Spawning Device.

Apart from those changes above, mechanoids will be able to move more randomly, and will get some additional balance fixes. Also the rewards from the event will give players materials, such as anchoring charms that can be used to enhance their vehicle mods or mats for vehicle mods, so please get excited.

Mirage Isles

Mirage Isles finally gets a renewal, since the game’s release. This update only adds map changes, but future patches will add more events and contents.

New map.

Cash Shop

This update also adds some cash shop changes. XL claims they will get rid of gear progression related items from the cash shop and add them as game content rewards. XL hopes they make the game less P2W, and is adding the Archepass to all the servers (including Legacy) to lower the price of new items and make them more available to everyone.

1. Credit Shop Renewal

Items that directly influence gear progression will be gone from the credit shop and will be available from in-game crafting and coin purchases (stuff like Kyrios badges). The type of items that will be removed are the following: regrade charms, tempering charms, luna stones/frosts, stat migration items. The specific list will be available in the update notes.

2. Gamewide Archepass

Archepass requires less cash to be spent, but requires players to continuously play to get the rewards the pass provide on each stages. Some players prefer the system and some don’t. But since the Archepass doesn’t require players to buy items with the full price, XL believes this will help reduce the P2W gap among players. So yeah basically the Archepass will be also available in Legacy servers.

3. More Incentives for Patron & Changed Housing Requirements

  • Auction House tax reduction 25% -> 50% (Basically you get the 10% tax back with Patron.)
  • Auction House listing fee reduced by 80%.
  • Only accounts with Patron can plot housing and pay for tax. (I assume KR wasn’t like this before)

XL believes reducing the gap between cash spending players and adding more rewards for the casual cash spending user aims to solve the same goal. If they increase rewards from cash packages that people will normally buy, it would lessen the impact of players buying other more expensive packages.

XL thought a lot about the housing issue happening in KR. Apparently KR lacked a lot of housing zone, but XL was worried that adding a bunch of housing zones might just cause a small number of people owning all the land (basically monopolizing all the land). So they are changing the system so that only Patroned accounts can plot land. I guess KR’s housing system wasn’t like NA/EU before. Though this is a pretty big change to the KR Patron system, XL is also planning to make Patron cheaper, due to these changes.

This new system also has some flaws that can be bypassed by prepaying taxes, but XL plans to fix those flaws in the future.

(Note) Auction House basic listing fee gets changed from 1~4% -> 0.5~2% (Patron 80% discount changes this to 0.1~0.4%.)

Quality of Life Improvements

1. More Shortcut Bars & Skillsavers

Lots of players have been asking these so finally here they are.

I mainly complained about them on Inven about skillsavers lol
Hesus finally we’re getting these long overdue features.
  • Skillsavers can now be expanded up to 5.
  • Now there are 5 shortcut bars presets to accommodate the 5 skillsaver limit.
  • Now there are 5 shortcut bars.

2. Costume Appearance Slot

To equip a cosmetic costume, you need to go through several extraction processes which is quite a hassle.

New UI

This update lets players just equip extracted costumes without having to fusion it onto a basic costume. Check the specifics in the upcoming update notes.

Fuck yeah!

3. Resplendent Serendipity Stone

This item lets you finally choose an effect that you want when replacing synthesis effects. Unlike the original Serendipity Stone, this one basically lets you skip the RNG hassle. This Resplendent version will only drop in Garden during war time with low chance, but will also be available in some packages like the Archepass.

But there’s still discussion going on regarding the item, so finalized details will be in the update notes.

Finally it’s here.

4. Micro Housing

A small housing design is added that can be plotted even on the leftover corner of the housing zones. It’s kind of hard to even call it a house, but it has all the minimum features a house could provide. It can be saved as a portal and can also have a housing fairy assigned to it, and the cost to construct and maintain is the cheapest among all the different types of housing options.

The size is 8×8.

If you weren’t really a potato or if you’re a returning player that can’t really afford expensive housing, definitely try out potato content using this new housing plot with housing fairies.

5. House Fairies With Sea Mats

Aqua farms can now be assigned to House fairies. The amount of virtual space the fairy can use will be divided as land plots and water plots. For example, the fairy will use its assigned land plots when growing stuff like corns and peanuts, but it will use its sea plots when growing stuff like corals. Good bye overpriced sea mats 🙂



This Amigo post contains quite a lot of changes even compared to the summer patches, and tests for all these changes are still going on. As a result, not all of these changes might make it during the day of update, but if that happens, following regular maintenance will add the skipped changes.

Ipnysh Sanctuary Room 1 Guide

Got some Ipnysh Sacntuary (Golden Shrine) boss videos that you guys might be interested in. The 2nd boss and the 4th boss are the hard ones with the 2nd boss being the hardest.

Thanks to Kimnuts for making the videos that I referenced to write up the guide!

This room consists of 4 mini bosses that all have different mechanics. Before you start, the runs are much easier if your healer can rez quickly.

1st boss by Kimnuts.

Basic Skills

The boss skills are the following:

Stomp (대지 밟기)

Tramp Earth

The boss does a couple jumps and the last jump is the high jump. When the Taurus’ last jump is about to land, players can jump to dodge this mechanic. Seems to have about a 15m range.

Charge (돌진)

Spawns a mat and charges.

Melees behind the boss needs to back off when it does the charge. It also hits players that aren’t on the mat if they are behind the boss.

Back Kick (뒷발치기)

As always keep distance from the boss.

Hits targets behind the boss. Pretty simple.

Rear Kick (올려 차기)

Seems like you should always just move away when the boss runs towards you.

Hits targets in front of the boss. Main aggro should avoid the attack using mobility skills like backdrop.

1-1 Agile Taurus

First of all, all the boss skills can be used while standing still and even when it’s moving. It is crucial to make sure you can recognize the actual physical motions of the boss for each of the skills. In future phases, clones of the boss spawn and it’s hard to check their casting bars, so you need to memorize the visuals of each pattern.

This boss is pretty easy as long as you have witchcraft. Bubbles can be used to lift the Rapter mobs (explained below when it spawns) and the nearby towers will kill the rapters for you. Basically you need to dodge the rapters while kiting the Taurus. Honestly, you can do the entire first room without a healer at all. If you die too much, spec defense or spec witchcraft, or get more mobility.

Once the boss has 80% HP, it spawns Rapters that only take 1 damage from your attacks. You need to align yourself so that the boss attacks hit the Rapters. Or you can just lift the Rapters will CCs like Bubble and the surrounding towers will attack the Rapters.

Try not to get lifted, because those towers will also hit you.

Once the boss has 40% HP, it will spawn a clone of itself which disappears in 40 seconds. The clone also can lift you so be careful. The purple traps in the middle lifts you up if you stand on it so be aware.

The easiest way to deal with the clone is to spawn a healing circle right where it’s supposed to spawn and make the clone aggro onto the healing circle at the start. If not possible, you can just ignore it and full DPS the boss.

1-2 Sturdy Taurus

If you get hit by the boss’ Sunder Earth, you will most definitely insta-die. (Unless you have a fuck ton of HP.) The main aggro just needs to move away from the boss and avoid the Sunder Earth.

When the boss hits 70% HP, it spawns suiciding robots. If you hit them, they explode and causes an AOE trip around itself. It’s stationary when spawns, but later on moves, so kill them asap. You can notice that the boss acts up weirdly if the main aggro dies. This is fixed in our version, so do not worry about it.

When the boss hits 40% HP, it spawns a clone that also does the same thing. The clone is immune to damage so it will eventually always get aggroed to the healer. But when it first spawns, it will initially aggro to whoever is closest to the clone. The aggro will eventually change to the healer, so the healer needs to heal while kiting the clone. Again, you can also use healing circle for this clone to dodge the whole mechanic.

1-3 Fortified Golem

For this boss, you also just have to be careful with the aggro. When the boss spawns, stick to the center of the map, so that the boss doesn’t move to somewhere else.

Stay inside the center quadrant like this.

At the start, out of the 9 quadrants of the map thorns spawn on all the quadrants except the center one. These thorns will trip you if you get hit.

This boss has 2 patterns and you only have to pay attention to one of the pattern. The boss’s normal attack is a shock attack and the boss shoots the attack towards the main aggro. If you get hit by it, you get pushed and tripped, so you need to avoid it by doing long stutter steps. You can see it how it’s done below.

You can see the red circle player is doing long stutter steps to avoid the shock attack.

The shock attack has a mini skill channel at the start and immediately starts a slightly longer skill channel. When the 1st mini channel ends, move to the side. Once the 2nd skill channel ends, go back to where you were.

Occasionally the boss spawns suicide robots on the 4 corners of the center quadrant so stay away from it. These suicide robots seems to blow up when it gets aggro.

When the boss reaches 60% HP, the thorns on the ground swap and only spawns at the center of the map. It also spawns the Mechanoid Hog looking boss clone you saw from 2nd phase of the 1st stage. Like the previous phase, this boss clone only gets aggro from the healer, so the healer needs to kite the clone.

At 40% HP, the thorns now spawn on the outer quadrants, so get back inside. The clone could still be alive depending on the amount of your DPS. If it is still alive, whoever has the aggro of the clone needs to kite the clone. Also again, you can use healing circle to dodge this mechanic.

Suicide bots will now spawn again on the outer quadrants, so a DPS (preferably an archer with missile rain) needs to blow them up to make the healer’s life easier.

During the entire time, the main aggro just needs to kite the shock attack.

How to kite the Shock Cannons

Dodge like this when there’s no mines.
Dodge like this when there’s mines on the corner.

1-4 Reinforced Taurus

So finally the 4th phase boss in level 1. Over all the patterns are identical to the 1st phase, but it uses Sunder Earth (that one shots people). Luckily it doesn’t spawn the rapters. Instead is spawns the suicide bots.

At the start, there’s no special pattern. Just look at the boss’ movements and react accordingly.

At 85%, a clone from the phase 2 spawns. Remember you need to pay attention with the clone as they can also do patterns. It can use Sunder

At 75%, 2 clones from phase 1 spawn. As always clones eventually aggro to healers, so its crucial for the healers to position correctly so that the clone attacks don’t hit the DPS.

At 50%, 2 clones spawn from phase 2, but they stay stationary and only uses Sunder Earth. This will one shot you. The best way to react to this pattern is to make whoever aggroed by these clones stay at the middle, so that the Sunder Earths won’t go on some weird direction. This helps your party members significantly, because now people can predict where the Sunder Earths are going to land.

At 20%, 1 clone from phase 4 spawns. It basically does all the patterns. Basically assume that all the clones will to all the patterns, since there’s too many clones in the map. Clones do disappear after 40 seconds since they are spawned though.

Damn the boss is too hard!

Hey, if the boss is too hard, whenever clones spawns, stop DPS entirely and kite patterns until the clones go away. After then, revive the dead, and continue with the boss.

[8/7/2020] Siege Weapons: The Evolution of Warfare


So the last two patches left Archeage with a lot of disappointed Korean players alongside with a ton of bugs in every aspect. Some bugs were sighted in the Golden Shrine dungeon as well as Sungold Anthalon. XL continuously justifies its 20% tax rate and is rolling out new changes.

In-game Economics

June and July contained several patches, but the part that affected the players the most was the balance in the economy. Since the economy is a core part of the game, it gets affected by a lot of variables. It’s also difficult to balance, because a various type of players exist.

However, for Archeage’s healthy development, XL promises that they will keep close eyes on the economy and act swiftly.

Some Stats

The total amount of gold that exists in the game. Above the x-axis means an overall gold gain, below the x-axis means an overall gold loss.

It’s a reach to compare real-life economy with in-game economy, but XL believes a certain amount of inflation should help the economy in general. Rather than preventing gold inflation from happening, the dev team is aiming to keep a good balance based on upcoming patches.

Apart from May’s “Enjoy PC cafe benefits at your home” event temporarily reducing the overall amount of gold, the overall amount of gold has rather been increasing in a fast pace. After July’s tax patch, the total amount of gold has been decreasing, but it has been recovering back to its normal rate.

New gear or growth mechanisms can be a solution to slow down gold increase, but the past 2 years of gear changes has been tiring players, so XL believes this is not a good solution. As a result, the dev team planned to change parts of the game that enables small amounts of players from concentrating large amounts of gold.

There are still more to look into, but XL believes their changes seem to help overall. Here are some of XL’s excuses.

June, July’s Categorical Gold Changes

To begin with, some categories are excluded from the graph such as gold gained from Castles or gold gained from quests, because those numbers were rather minuscule.

In fact, the 3 largest contributors of gold generation are trade runs, coin purses, quests (large to small in order) and the 3 largest contributors of gold consume are gear synth, auction house tax, and shop purchases (large to small in order). In May, trade runs and gear synth took 65% and 63% in their respective gold generation and gold consume. After July’s patch they got reduced to 55% and 53% respectively.

Especially the reducing the difficulty of gearing up helped ease players gearing up, but this leading more players to gear up increased the overall gold spending in gear progression and XL considers this a positive for the economy. Of course this also reduced gold generated by trade runs by 8%.

Below is the graph to visualize the change of gold spending per category during the following 3 months.

Since a lot the players were worried about coin purses affecting the inflation the dev team have also been keeping a close eye on the numbers, but the actual amount of gold generated by opening coin purses is rather less than the loss of gold generated by trade runs and the gold generated from coin purses tend to be spent towards gear progression more than other types of gold generations. As a result, XL doesn’t think there’s much to worry about yet.

Since the changes aren’t fully set stable in the game yet and more observation is required, XL says there’s some close investigation required to make sure if all problems are addressed.

Siege Weapons

The changes made in Castle siege in August adds a variety of siege weapons. Players have been able to modify their vehicles in many ways. On the other hand, castle sieges had limited types of weapons which caused strategies to be rather simple. This improvement by utilizing vehicle modifications in various applications is thought to improve castle sieges.

Changes in Castle Siege

  • Participants that have the Siege Weapon Vehicle ticket can spawn said vehicle and a tank the player owns.
  • If the player does not own a siege weapon that can be used, the player can just use the default provided weapon instead.
  • Added a range shock shot skill on the flamethrower. (Probably stuns?)

Mechanoid Worm Siege Unit

This is the Mechanoid Worm thing from the Magical Lands mechanoid chasing event.

The Magical Lands mechanoid chasing event now gives the Mechanoid Worm shown above. This giant mount has powerful siege damage and skills that are helpful in mass RvR. But instead of using its mana, it consumes its own health. Due to its strategic importance, it requires good care while using the mount.

This mechanoid worm mount and be obtained from the chasing event and can also be summoned during castle siege.

Mech worm using a skill.

Naval Arena Season 3

The naval arena is back for season 3. Like before this will last for a month and players will be able to enjoy a unique experience.

Changes on the Clipper

In Season 2, the game play heavily focused on obtaining the newly added bat mobile clipper so other parts of the game were rather neglected. XL thought that the bat mobile clipper made the arena too RNG based, so in season 3, the it will not be in the arena.

Now clippers gets upgraded with the boat’s exp.

The bat mobile clipper had some weaknesses, but it was able to simplify the arena’s complicated clipper progression. All players needed to do were to get chests and RNG spawn the bat mobile clipper. To keep the advantages of this boat progression method, XL will make the battle clippers improve by getting exp. Based on the amount of exp, it will gain certain types of improvements. This might over simplify the game play, so XL aims to buff the special abilities so that it would prevent the combat from becoming to dull.

Here you can see the boat gained exp and can choose a special ability.

Summary of the Changes:

  • Can gain exp by collective supplies.
  • Based on the grade of the supply, the amount of obtainable exp changes.
  • If the clipper’s level increases, 1 out of 3 stats gets improved.
  • If you obtain the rare supply chest, you can use one of the special abilities.
  • The special ability can be used again when the cooldown is over. (Probably will need to loot another rare supply chest.)
  • The higher the grade of the supply chest, the more special abilities available.
  • Reduced the amount of minimum required players to 20. (Easier to rig. Sigh)


If you loot the fortune chests that spawn randomly in the zone, you can get even more gold. Compared to last season, this season will have more rewards. Also, players will be able to obtain a timed bat mobile clipper as the navel arena.

Time Limited Bat Mobile Clipper

Ancestral Skills

This time 8 new Ancestral skills have been added. These new ancestral skills aim to counter powerful dps classes in small scale pvp situations. (KR players have been saying this is a anti melee counter change.) It requires an activation prior to being able to use the skill (Like Death Vengeance), so it’s utility will be different, but the skills have powerful damage, debuff reduction effects. Check the tool tips below for detailed explanations.

8 New Ancestral skills.

Future Plans

The following changes are what the dev team is preparing to release during from September to December. The big update Winter patch will be rolling out on December and January, but XL’s plan is to only reveal information from December’s patch as January’s patch note might be a spoiler. The following contents don’t have a set release date since it is still actively being developed.

Leave comments on the various communities we have and XL will take them in consider. Yeah sure…

New Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle Mod UI for Timber Coupe and Rampage Series

Like previously discussed, XL is prepping the following changes:

The Rampage series will now be able to have vehicle mods installed and the Timber Coupe series will now have an extra slot available for vehicle mods. Check the following image to guess what would be the Rampage’s real modification?

What would be the B200’s vehicle mod? Probably all of them?

Quality of Life Improvements

Here are the following QoL improvements the XL is planning to add.

  • Expanding the number of Skill savers.
  • Expanding the number of Skill slots.
  • Micro sized housing. (Maybe 8×8 sized houses?)
  • Will be able to change faction respawn locations. (Massive for Sungold PvP and such)

New Golden Plains Map

Golden Plains was a great content because it lets users enjoy massive RvR without requirements. Actually its just for 1k labor lets be real. But this content can be boring if it repeats too much. As a result, XL is aiming to add a new map with the same rules to let players play the Golden Plains instance in a different terrain.

New Aurorian Housing and Trade Runs

Archeage always had issues with the lack of housing. Because Housing is a base for most types of production, to have more players engaged in productions the game needs to have more housing. XL is planning to improve some areas so that they can become housing zones instead and are aiming to add trade runs in Auroria.

Micro housing will help players utilize House Fairies. XL believes these two changes will help lessen housing problems. XL also discussing how to reduce the initial housing rush issue.

New Skill Class “Insanity” and Guns

Like previous stream’s announcement, September will have more information available for the new class and weapon type which will be released at the end of the year. XL is working hard as the new class is highly anticipated by the users.

Again, the gun will be a replacement of the bow. Stop asking if it will be a stat stick of some sort . lol


There weren’t really any separate notifications for the recent unstable server, but XL is doing its best to improve the stability through weekly updates. The dev team is highly prioritizing lag and disconnect issues.

There’s a server merge that happened in Korea that merges 3 servers into one and they are starting a huge event for it.

Like previous events where you can gain labor, this even lets players get up to 10 labor chargers per day. Holy shit. However, this item has a time limit, so do your best to use all these before they expire.