[6/4/2020] Summer Update Pt.1


Well well well… I don’t think anyone will be pleased for the this patch, but here it is. It’s seriously making me want to quit the game honestly, but I do want to feel the golden ages of Archers that’s going on in KR. They’re not even op; they’re just usable now.

I know I’m late with the patch. I’ve been dumbfounded with the patch and forgot to translate them lol

Here’s an obligatory image for the patch note XL uploaded in their post. One of the main quest will be where you have to chase this umm… worm thing with a car to stop it from malfunctioning.

Seems to be an asset used in the upcoming new main quest.

Anyway, here we go.


  • June patch (Pt.2) includes vehicle modification patches and July (Pt.3) includes new main quests after the garden main quest.
  • Improving the Trading system. (AKA. Taxing players for no reason just to reduce the amount of gold in the game.)
  • New KR Unchained server and KR Legacy server merges.

Fucking up the Trading System

First of all, let me be clear that I’m very biased towards this change, but like literally everyone in the KR Archeage forum is mad about this patch.

No one knows how this will translate to NA/EU with Gamigo publishing our region and how the tax for the AH is already different in NA/EU compared to KR, but only time will tell (or I guess only Gamigo will tell).

So XL always wanted to increase the Auction House tax within the game. There were previous attempts trying to increase it, which ultimately got cancelled due to massive uproar. XL seems to be finally pushing it and ignoring player concerns. Moreover this tax will be getting applied to not only the Auction House, but also mails, personal trades, and building sales. Their excuse is that adding taxes to every single user trading mechanisms would umm… prevent/sway away people from buying gold… which is absolute bull shit, but that’s what XL is claiming anyway.

On April, there was a huge item exploit in which XL ended up not revealing the details about. Players reported that a Chinese gold seller sold at least 1 Million gold on Korea’s Unchained server for extremely cheap prices. This caught XL’s attention, hence a massive wave of ban of innocent players got banned.

After this incident, XL decided to push the following changes:

  • Now taxing 20% of the gold being traded in Auction house, Personal trade, Mail, and Building Sales on every server. (Legacy and Unchained. Unchained had slightly higher tax than Legacy and now both are now 20%.)
  • Increased the maximum amount of gold that can be trade with Personal Trade and Mail for every server. Previously had a 200k gold limit.
  • Archelife (KR Legacy’s version of Patron) benefits now get 25% discount from the existing tax for Auction house trades. (Lulu Pouches do not get this benefit. Lulu pouches are basically KR’s version of APEX.)
  • Removed Auction house 50% tax exemption from PC cafes.
  • Lulu Pouches now have a 10% tax when listing and will have a min/max limit price on how much you can list the item for.

So basically the first 2 dot points are already in effect for Korea’s Unchained server. As a big picture, overall the tax will get increased by about 5% instead of the 20% written above, because patron benefits include a 25% exemption.

TL;DR: There’s already 10% for AH tax. This patch increases tax to 20%, but the Patron players will be paying 15% for tax instead.

Other types of trades mentioned above don’t seem to benefit from Patron tax exempt, but I’ll double check this later.

Setting the min/max price is for XL to artificially control how much they want their gold to be worth with their credit and to prevent gold irregular transactions happening with basically APEX. Currently Lulu Pouches has a 1% tax like NA/EU’s APEX, but if they expect Lulu Pouches to be used as a currency (due to gold being taxed), they’ll start increasing the tax for Lulu Pouches as well.

XL claims the exact numbers are not finalized, but they already posted Part 2 of the Summer Update without further mentioning the trade system tax changes so…. yeah… probably will stay the same.

XL is also working on a Raid gold payout distribution feature, which has been explained in Part 2 of the patch. I’ll talk about it in the next post.

New KR Unchained Server and Legacy Merge

KR Unchained Server

In May 28th, KR is getting a new Unchained server. Unlike NA/EU that got multiple unchained servers at the start, KR only got one, so it kind of makes sense to open another server. Apparently KR’s Unchained server is continuously getting new players, which is good news.

Legacy Merge

KR’s servers: Damian, Eahnna, and Orchidna server has been losing activity, so XL is planning to merge the three servers this Summer. Further details will come soon. Wait where’s Nui server’s merge?

Anyway this was some grim news. But yall take care from the Coroner.

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