Charybdis Patterns

Easiest boss in the world.


Charybdis boss is finally out. It’s an easy boss to kill, because it is very difficult to reset it. It spawns North East of Aegis Island on Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30PM EST (10:30PM EDT).

I had this post written a long time ago, but it’s finally public now.

Since it is very difficult to reset the boss, it is important to get the tag on the boss.

The spawn location is marked below with the red dot.

The coordinates for Charybdis is: W 5’54’ 5″, S 1’3′ 45″. (Double check please.)

Red dot is where Charybdis spawns.

It drops Charybdis gear by chance and always drops a trip gem as well as mats required for crafting a Charybdis gear and mats required for awakening raid boss gear.

If you want to kill this boss even with enemies contesting you, for fuck sake, spec defense when I’m telling you right now and focus on the objectives instead of fighting your enemy. Have a couple boats shooting the boss at all times so that, even if a boat sinks, your raid will still have other boats shooting on the boss to prevent it up resetting.


Charybdis Patterns: Seems like most non aoe spells just targets the main aggro.

  1. Dahuta’s Curse (다후타의 저주): After casting Dahuta’s Curse, everyone except the boat captains get a blue effect debuff and must go in water to get rid of the debuff. After some time, people with the blue effect gets dealt damage. Failing to remove this debuff spawns the Ghost NPC. Ally Ghost NPC interferes with boat movements and heals players and boats when interacted. Enemy Ghost NPCs also interferes movements. Both ally and hostile ghosts will get absorbed by Charybdis during the absorption pattern, and reduces boss stacks and must be killed or interacted.
  2. Water Cannon (물대포): Boss tilts to one direction and shoots water. Drinks water first during casting and turns anti-clockwise 90′ and shoots it.
  3. Uppercut (올려치기): Dives into the water momentarily and causes a whirl around which causes boats to get pulled around. This is why Turtle boats are great. Enoans are somewhat okay because they move less.
  4. Body Slam (몸통 내려치기): After finishing cast, boss tilts to one direction and then slams to opposite direction. Seems to always attack the aggro target. By non-stop driving the boat, boats can dodge the attack.
  5. Howling (하울링): Just some random attack spell?
  6. Raksha (라크샤): A Levi-like mob appears temporarily and eats the boat and flies to the sky. This can happen any time once the boss’ HP drops lower to a certain threshold. A red effect pops up in the water and a Levi-like mob follows the red effect and one-shots the boats close to the aura that have low hp (Hunts boats if the boat’s HP drops to lower than approximately 50% of the its max HP).
  7. Hunting (먹이사냥): During casting, it shoots a circle sonic beam toward its’s target. Once casting is over, it attacks its target. Doesn’t seem to drag it though.
  8. Sea of Death (죽음의 바다): Kills everyone who is in the water. Stay on boat or use invincibility mount/glider/skill. (This is a guaranteed cast after Dahuta’s Curse) After casting, it creates a God’s Whip visual and instantly kills players. Can also be randomly casted.
  9. Spit (뱉어내기): Spits out green stuff. I think it just does poison damage. Nothing important.

Extra Info:

  • At 10% the boss gets Enraged buff. (50% dmg increase and hp regen) This buff only happens once and doesn’t happen again which means the boss will never regen again while it has aggro.
  • Rule of thumb is to staying away at least 45m away from the boss while constantly moving. This helps avoiding patterns and boats would be less likely to collide with each other.
  • Charybdis Dahuta’s Curse Stack: Starts with 100 stacks. The less stacks Charybdis has, the stronger the boss becomes.
  • When Dahuta’s Curse has lower than 40 stacks, damages hit for 30k~40k and becomes like an instant kill mechanic like Sea of Death.


So there’s two types of Ghost NPCs.

Ally Ghost NPCs spawn close to the main raid that aggro-ed the boss. If you purify these NPCs, it heals nearby allies and ally boats. These NPCs are a nuisance, because they block boats from moving freely and can trap boats.

Targettable Enemy Ghost NPCs (They don’t attack though.) also exist and spawn around enemy contesting players.

Charybdis uses a skill (Soul Absorption) every so often that absorbs these ally and hostile enemy ghost NPCs. Each ally or hostile ghost reduces Dahuta’s Curse stack from Charybdis which makes the boss stronger. So you need to do your best to interact with the ally ghost NPCs and kill the hostile ones if you are trying to kill Charybdis.

When the boss resets, this stack doesn’t immediately go back to 100, but it eventually does reset back to its original 100 stack.

Killing the Boss

As long as you have enough boats and people with an actual non-decorative brain, killing Charybdis is very – and I repeat – very easy. The boss is very difficult to reset, because the boss is stationary. It has no chasing mechanic like Kraken, so as long as, at least 1 person in the whole fucking raid is aggroed to the boss, Charybdis will never reset. Doesn’t even have to be siege damage, just hit the boss to keep the aggro.

Don’t spec sooth. You’re god damn useless. The respawn Nui is right next to the boss. If you specced Soothsayer, you literally wasted a skill class that could’ve been either Auramancy or Defense which are great for survivability or mobility. With Sooths in the raid, people are also not going to respawn right away after they died. This makes them have to wait longer for their rebirth to wear off. You are the ones that are fucking up the whole raid.

Spec Defense. Even the most talented players benefit off of invincibility when they are in the water during Sea of Death. And I know there’s a bunch of washed up players that think they are too cool to spec Defense.

This boss is a fucking PVE boss. Stop wandering around to kill people. Get 2~3 boats ready for each driver and just ignore the contesting raid. Non-stop dps the boss and have a group of players to kill the hostile Ghost NPCs. Always interact with ally NPCs whenever you have the opportunity. Do not PVP. It’s pointless. A competent raid is going to have players constantly hitting the boss and eventually this boss will die, because, I mean, it only regens once.

When a boat dies, just rotate through your other boats. By the time your last boat dies, you’ll have your first boat up.

Get Strength of the Faction for shorter Rebirth timer.

Contesting the Boss

Uhh good luck. Do your best to ram all the boats.

You could also actively kill the players that are trying to kill your ally Ghost NPCs (Hostile to the attempting raid.) That way, you can reduce the boss’ stacks to make every hit one shot players.

Ideal play is to tag the boss on spawn and literally just keep it your tag.

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